What Is The Price Of Stish Crypto

Many people have asked what is the price of Stish Crypto and how they can find out how much their Stish Crypto is worth if they were to sell it right now. The best thing about Stish Crypto is that it is listed on one of the best and fastest growing Decentralized Exchanges Online. The new and improved https://Saturn.Exchange now shows much of the information you are looking for in an easy to navigate format. Check out Stish on Saturn Now!

There are 2 Other great website where you can find the price of Stish today also. Currently Stish crypto is listed on CoinGecko and Coinpaprika. Each of these token aggregators offer their users different features and benefits. Some people prefer one over the other or like me use both.. Check out Stish Crypto on CoinGecko for the latest price. CoinGecko also gives users info about Stish that is a little more drilled down than some other platforms. If you are a serious trader then you will likely gather all the info you can get from all sources and make solid decisions based off of the whole picture.

Some people just want to get an estimate of what their account might be worth if they listed and sold their Stish at the market bottom price or average price traded. CoinPaprika does a neat job of listing the token rank also and aggregates the trading across multiple exchanges for an average price similarly to the other listing platforms. The team at CoinPaprika is solid and we use their reporting data alot to display accurate to the minute price movements on Stish crypto on our own website. Check our Stish Crypto on CoinPaprika today.

Another avenue that many people will use to try to determine which way a currency is really moving is by looking at transaction history and other information about a crypto contract like Stish. The most popular place that users often turn to to investigate a currency is EtherScan. Etherscan is a block explorer that recently has really set the stage and the bar for how a solid block explorer should work for the end user. You can see all of the details about Stish on Etherscan including the contract and when it was created and all of the transactions so far. We look forward with recent developments watch more and more transaction take place and seeing the whole crypto business grow.

Ultimately we hope that the Users of set the minimal price they are willing to trade their currency for their work at the highest average price possible based on market conditions at the time. Many high quality content creators will likely hodl and not sell below certain thresholds no matter what. With the news of Stish Scratch Ads just being announced there is a real utility or staking of Stish that will occur as the platform grows. This direct rewards should impact market decisions with regards to speculation in a positive manner once people start advertising to the crypto focused user network.

On a closing note, Stish is Epic and one day many I hope will be super glad they got in on the ground floor. Never share your private key with anyone. Happen Trading!


Stish Concepts Rock Green Crypto

Stish crypto rocks the green crypto movement as it starts to grow and gain momentum in 2019. Stish is such a user friendly crypto concept that anyone can get involved with and it doesn’t waste precious computer power to do it.

Many people have heard of bitcoin and likely get that computers spend massive amounts of energy to complete the mathematical formulas to open the Bitcoin blocks and process the transactions. “Bitcoin is awesome and the first but it shouldn’t be the only or last,” says founder Eric Binkley in a recent interview. “Stish takes things to a new level and thinks outside the bitcoin box.”

stish crypto logo

Stish was developed on the Ethereum blockchain like many other tokens in existence today but instead of a massive air drop formula or raising massive amounts of cash through an ICO Stish did something completely unique. Prior to Stish people had to be super computer savvy to install software or applications that would help them mine a cryptocurrency. Often all of this had to be done through command prompt and wasn’t suitable for the average user wanting to get into cryptocurrency.

The founders of Stish wanted a different approach to distribution and trading of the currency Stish. They thought up an idea where instead of wasting precious computer resources and damaging the planet that they could launch a fixed amount of Stish currency. This isn’t new as several currencies have done this. What Stish done next will surprise and amaze all of you.

Stish reverse engineered the distribution model of mining and assigned reward values to social media involvements. Stish, instead of paying just a select few of miners to waste electricity, thought; what if users could be rewarded with Stish for doing everyday tasks that they already love doing on other social networks, such as commenting and sharing and posting and making friends. The micro crypto economy they dreamed of is starting to take shape.

Users of the Stish Social Portal earn Stish Credits with every post, comment and share. “It’s a developing community of people who are passionate about crypto but who maybe lack the complex computer skills needed or resources needed to mine and develop a currency that way.” said the Founder. He went on to talk about the new and interesting milestones accomplished just this year. Here is a short list of prominent things we discussed:

  1. Stish and Eth Wallet Creation – These wallets allow users to receive their Stish crypto when they convert their Stish Credits and have access to a wallet where they can send and receive Stish and ETH. Often users are doing this for the first time and enjoy the experience of learning how to send and receive a crypto. A Small amount of ETH is required to send Stish and/or ETH crypto but the fun never stops once you learn how.
  2. Stish Rewards Credits Conversion Process Decentralized – For a long time Stish crypto was very centralized and there was a middle man helping to convert Stish Rewards Credits into Stish Crypto… In 2019 we developed a way to Automate this through a smart contract and now Stish is more decentralized than ever before.
  3. https://Saturn.Network has really grown and developed – Having a place to trade or exchange Stish cryptocurrency is a must and we partnered with the award winning decentralized exchange https://Saturn.Network to facilitate the needs of our members. We will eventually adopt other exchanges as we grow but it is hard to beat Saturn as it is a fully decentralized exchange where users get fair trading and never lose control of their funds.
  4. Stish looks to place Stish Credits in the background and convert credits to Crypto automatically in 2019. Now users click to buy Stish crypto and pay with their Stish Credits. It is an easy process but Stish wants to make it even easier and will do so in 2019 as the platform continues to grow.
  5. Stish really dials in what the platform is all about with several marketing campaigns that featured ” Escape the Giants,” ads and “Say What Is On Your Mind” ads. The target market for Stish are users who are passionate about crypto and want a fair social media experience. Stish users can do things like they do on large platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and Soundcloud but get rewarded for doing it or curating it.
  6. Building the community and building the crypto currency all in one place at one time together is special and unique to Stish and Stish alone. Without strong community support of the currency the currency cannot survive. Stish must be traded between users, investors, traders, speculators etc and the community must be there to support this growth before real success can be claimed. As the community grows so will the currency. That is the genius really behind Stish. Stish isn’t just a junk token that is air dropped and pumped and dumped.

The real value of Stish in a way is the value of a comment X the number of commenters…

Stish used a unique formula that is still currently set at it’s max rewards payout for social interactions. Eventually over time just like Bitcoin’s halving Stish will lower overall platform rewards to stave off inflation. Stish has the ability due to it’s Hybrid nature of slowing or increase velocity due to it’s proprietary rewards system.

Stish is truly a green crypto currency and leads the way on many fronts to bring about efficiencies especially in distribution. If you have not joined and got some Stish for commenting then you are really missing out on a wonderful opportunity to get involved with cryptocurrency. Never before has it been easier to get started using crypto and has you covered. If you are completely confused don’t give up. Here is a getting started guide that might be able to help. Feel free to ask questions also. Make some friends and earn some Stish.

Stish 1.0 vs Stish 2.0

What Is The Difference Between The Original Stish1.0 and Stish2.0?

This question gets brought up from time to time. Members who used the platform prior to the Summer of 2018 likely received Stish1.0 Tokens. They were developed as place holder tokens for an original concept that proved to not work as intended. As we pulled away from another platform and decided to create an independent brand and identity we began working on Stish2.0. The main difference between the tokens has been discussed in the social portal and in a few posts but to clarify let’s go over them again.

Stish1.0 Had ZERO decimals. It was never developed really for day to day trading. It was simply designed to be simple and show ownership or participation in our original concept SteemThat. Which was going to be a flavor of user interface for the Steem blockchain and also offered many cool tools. As things kept changing at Steem we made a decision to stop development and change directions and provide a real social network with an equitable rewards distribution system.  Stish1.o had the original contract address: 0xe743b591a9fbf593ff2214c4b3b7c9bf1122431a

which can be viewed here ….  …..

Many people ask from time to time what they can do with the old Stish1.0? All accounts that had 1.0 which were less than 200 receive the New Stish2.0. If you still have the old Stish1.0 you can burn it by sending it here to this wallet address.  0x7673Ba7A671e6C439222B447E32CA22B6Da428c6

STISH1.0 Is Completely Phased Out And Will Not Be Traded Or Supported By The Stish Team. We do not expect to have any other version changes unless we launch our own blockchain at which time the currency will be easily convertible. ( 2 years away or more.)

So what can Stish2.0 do that Stish1.0 couldn’t do or do easily?

Stish2.0 was developed with more advanced Ethereum protocols. Stish2.0 is actually an ERC223 token and is exceptional at not losing tokens. The old Stish1.0 contract would receive tokens and lose them. People would send crypto directly to the old Stish1.0 wallet address or smart contract address and lose their tokens. Stish2.0 prevents this from happening. This is super beneficial for all who use Stish!

Stish2.0 came developed and enhanced with features such as direct ICO participation. Users can always Simply send ETH to the smart contract address located here:


and receive their Stish instantly at the price of 1 ETH = 1000 Stish. Which is a steal but supplies are extremely limited. We also were able to code in the ability to run the Token event from and allow some simple charts and displays. Stish2.0 allowed us the ability to increase the Total supply from 1,000,000 to 100,000,000 with the expected growth potential we see possible. This allows us to do some air drops and promotional things that we were unable to do with Stish1.0. Overall Stish2.0 is leaner and meaner. It recently broke some trading day records which we were happy to see some volume. Stish can be traded on the Saturn Network.


You can view the contract on Etherscan and other websites that show smart contracts and explore the blockchain. Here is the Etherscan link.

You can also learn more about the cryptocurrency and the hot wallets by visiting The Stish Crypto Page and Stish Wallet Page.


Thank you From Stish

A New Way To Think About Cryptocurrency As Rewards Based Social Media Or Gamification Strategy

For over 1 year we have been working to refine our message to make it as easy as possible for new people who want to get involved in cryptocurrency to understand what crypto is and how Stish and have value. We often found ourselves talking about the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin and then found ourselves talking about Ethereum which helps make Stish all possible as Stish is built on the Ethereum blockchain and their miners process it all.

We also are always asked, “How does Stish get value and why should people buy it?” So the obvious answer, it is a store of value and a unique type of time value asset class that will have a free market trading value. This value might come together based off of how people value their time and energy to create content (the PEE theory we discuss from time to time) and also what the markets are willing to pay for the currency. People looking to buy the currency are hoping the value goes up. In theory all people value their time and energy more and more as their government issued currency feels inflation and they see the costs of goods increase and wages increase etc. So there will always be a tendency for people to value their time and energy or artistic value with a government issued comparative in mind until crypto takes over the world!

This answer is sufficient for me and as Stish starts trading on exchanges again soon we will see where the value of Stish goes. I would like to see the low sellers gobbled up and people who value their time and energy and artistic value determine the price through their sell orders and demand anyone wanting to hold Stish pay a fair minimum for it. This is a perfect world and who knows if this is even achievable. As we develop for the Stish Stash platform which is a gaming platform we have came up with some creative new concepts.

Crypto Creative New Concepts and Math To Back It Up!

With all new technology especially cryptocurrency and rewards based platforms investors or lenders of capital want to see some hard numbers. They could care less about theories or estimates. They seriously just want to see how the platform or currency can afford to pay them back for their risk and they want to see the hard numbers.

Over the last year we have spoken to many financial planners, bankers, investors, average ordinary traders and users. We have learned a ton about the space and also discovered things that many people may not like to talk about. We have uncovered new risks,which crypto has it’s inherent risks, and we have found workable mathematical formulas that can be replicated. The challenge is often just getting accurate metrics to understand real costs and plugging the numbers into the formulas.

We have tried several different routes to take Stish to the next level. We have allowed small purchases of the Token by users to help fund development. This has been helpful but in total we raised less than one half of one percent in total invested revenue into the project. We did not advertise much and perhaps leaned heavy on hopefully going viral or people sharing the platform with friends and family too much. With a real financial incentive for growth being so in your face we just assumed people would naturally take it upon themselves to drive growth of the platform. We were flat out wrong!

Not achieving the type of success we had hoped for naturally we talked about seeking corporate financing to grow the platform. We still will likely have to do this if we do not resolve the problem with explaining the incentive properly for natural growth. When looking to get all of the numbers that bankers were asking for we uncovered our one flaw in our failure to achieve natural growth like we had hoped. It became apparent to us that we had not really ever conveyed how Stish really has value especially in the future. We often just assumed that because we understood something that others understood things and we all had the same baseline of knowledge. When it comes to cryptocurrency this is a huge mistake. Everyone is at a different level of knowledge and understanding and we need a simple point by point explanation of the core things to even discuss the more complex issues.

Formulas and numbers could help people see the big picture much easier than just assuming they already got the big picture. We also looked for ways to actually create revenues through traditional means to add more value that traditional business minded people could see and then do analysis from. For instance we will likely bring back advertisements sitewide to help cover operating costs, but instead of pocketing the profits how about we actually share the revenue with each member. So each member receives Stish and they can trade it on the free market. Their Stish is essentially representative of the value that they add to the platform. Whether it be through content creation that then receives ad revenues or their content causes new users to join which then increases ad revenues or Stish distribution.

The key is that each user does have a value to the community and that value can be sold essentially as needed. Users then ultimately own the platform that they seek to develop and grow. There is a super incentive for members to share the platform with other. For members to create only high quality content. To interact with others in a positive way and create comments 0r supportive content. Members control their own worth really and for the first time actually can sell their social networking worth from time to time of hold it for a raining day! Most people are already creating social media content or blog content somewhere so allocating that time to Stish It makes better sense. They can then one day actually get something for their efforts verses just making large corporate elitist social media conglomerate filthy rich.

The power is returned back to the people through this business model.

The model is quite simple and the math is easy for most people to wrap their heads around. It is the only logical way to develop a social media rewards based website and might be a logical method for gaming websites as we will launch in 2019 to test it out in that niche also. How does the math add up and what is the magic formula for success?

Always keeping user interest in mind is critical. Getting a website actual costs and profit percentages is also important. All of this could be lumped up into one sum total called overhead or operating costs. Generally profits are not calculated here but for easy math a fixed percentage of total revenue works as the real value for the platform is in max growth and one day small liquidations of reserve currency. In the case of Stish the owner and founder retains 10 Million Stish. The incentive then is performance by the founder and team to grow the platform and keep operation costs down. In doing this the value of the currency over time should rise and make a ton of people wealthy! Not just the founders and early adopters but every day users of the platform and currency! That is the design goals anyway. This is not a statement of fact or guarantee of any kind just an ideal outcome in a perfect world.

If we take Stish back to an ads based revenue model and then use any remaining profits after operating costs to buy Stish off the market there is a major incentive for each member to grow the platform. The more ad revenue generated the better. The better the content the better the traffic and the more ad revenue. This will also help with policing the platform. Bad content will get flagged and removed as good content creators will only want the best created to increase ad revenue. The formula and math is quite simple with this method. Let’s look at the numbers and formulas that Stish will use to change the cryptocurrency landscape.

Here are the buzzwords or values needed to determine the metrics properly.

  • User Acquisition Cost
  • User Annual Value
  • Average Annual User Cost
  • Total Supply Of Stish
  • Total Circulation of Stish
  • Total Number Of Users
  • Total Ad Revenue $ Generated
  • Total Operating Costs
  • Platform Value

The platform value is the value of all users in total minus the total operating costs. This can be calculated monthly and quarterly and annually to track growth health of the platform. I think these numbers all should be made public and be accurately kept. If each user has a value of $1 per month of generate ad revenue on average and we have 10,000 Users then our monthly Platform Value would be $10,000 minus operating costs. Easy enough I think.

The user annual value would be the ad revenue generate on average per user for a given month and then multiplied by 12 to give us a yearly average value per user. So if again the average value of all users was $1 each in ad revenue then the Annual average user value would be $12 and this is important because the typical user acquisition cost should never exceed this amount and ideally should be as close to the monthly user annual value as possible.

User acquisition cost is the amount that it takes to acquire a new customer/user/member. Users in this case are active members of the community. There are users that could simply be viewing content and creating ad revenue that are not actually users in the sense of actually receiving Stish crypto. These users are viewing only users and do become valuable at a certain threshold to add significant value to the platform. In our use case we look at contributing members of the community and receivers of Stish crypto.

The total minted supply is constant at 100,000,000 Stish

The total circulation is important as this would be the maximum amount that could be sold at any given time. For instance if 100,000 Stish had been issued to users and early adopters then 100,000 Stish could be sold. Total circulation is important for the ad revenue sharing model we propose. With the sharing model Stish is constantly being bought with ad revenue profits which helps keep markets liquid. It can also determine the future value of Stish as revenues increase and supplies decrease sell orders values could increase as the ad revenue profits could be averaged to help determine the lowest buy price.

For instance if we generate $2000 in ad revenue one month thanks to users who created content and users who viewed content and ads and We distributed 10,000 Stish. If all 10,000 Stish were to be put on the market and we spent all $2000 to buy the Stish or make the market then the lowest price Stish would likely sell for would be 0.20 or potentially we could buy up any Stish at this price to make the market and hold the price threshold. So each member would have incentive to create the best content possible, to increase users via sharing of the platform and content and police the community by reporting bad actors. There would also be a huge incentive to hold the Stish and thus increase the market making pool.

If the market making pool that is funded from ad revenues increases and Stish circulation decreases there is a greater potential for a higher lower threshold. We can look at the same example above. If no Stish needed to be purchased as there were no sell orders needing to be made and we Still had the $2000 from the first month and the second month adds the same or additional ad revenue due to growth but total stish circulation doesn’t always increase the same due to non member ad revenues. So Maybe membership and Stish distribution was only half as much as the first month. So 15,000 Total Stish is in circulation but ad revenue is $4000 total. The value that users created for the platform has increased. The bottom buy threshold that we could place would be at 0.26 cents now versus .20 from earlier. We arrive at this number because we have $4000 available from ?ad revenue for market making. 4000 / 15000 = 0.26 which could change dramatically from month to month.

Using an advertising generated sharing value model to help support the lowest threshold of the currency has many useful benefits from added liquidity in the markets to helpful assistance with baselining bottom thresholds. It also incentivizes a natural growth and progression of the platform and allows the platform to operate like a normal business while growing and supporting its members that make it possible. It truly does return the value of the social networking website back to the members who can choose to dump their Stish to show anger for a bad development decision or hold their Stish awaiting higher values in the free markets. This model has advantages for traders and investors also as it gives metrics that they are accustomed to looking at for traditional trading and can add some platform stability into Stish pricing decisions. Stish is not a stock of the company but the actual value of each members efforts which has never been done and never could be done until cryptocurrency technology was developed.

Stish It provides the ability to turn your time and creativity into Cryptocurrency that can be a store of value or traded on exchanges for other currency and even fiat or government backed currencies. For the first time you actually control your own social media value not some troll in a distant land. For the first time you have access to sell that value as needed and as the market allows for that value to be sold instead of just making a few social media founders multi billionaires. You built the large social media platforms through your content and participation and now they use their money and power to shut down free speech and bully people they disagree with from all walks of life. NOT ANYMORE… Tell those guys to Stish It!

Everyday Wake Up

Stish Is Celebrating Big News To Wrap The Year Up!

With every new endeavor there will be hurdles and challenges.

If the road was super easy then everyone would be doing it and there would be no reason for us to try. The social portal has had its ups and downs with performance. Numerous bug conflicts have been found and discovered and remedied recently to speed up the platform overall and we are seeing our fastest speeds ever. With great ideas like Stish there will be bad actors that seek to attack it constantly. I’m not talking about speaking badly about the platform that is inevitable, I’m talking about constant brute force attacks and ddos computer attacks and various attempts to simply overwhelm our servers and bring us down. In 2018 we successfully defended near daily attacks and only crashed 1 day though we have had performance issues as a direct result to constant senseless traffic attacks. Stish pushes forward even after several blunders with domain naming and branding early on and the relaunch of the Stish cryptocurrency.

The Year Can Be Measure A Success!

Overall the year can be measured as a success. We finally got branding under control and have built numerous graphics. There is still room on the canva dev team for those wanting to churn out more graphics. The message has been drastically refined from a complex intertwined crypto system that was heavily tied to another crypto and brand to begin to define its own. In a nutshell Stish It is a distribution mechanism for the cryptocurrency Stish. User can create different types of content or interaction and ultimately receive Stish for their efforts. Stish can be traded on multiple exchanges and can be handled as a store of value token. We are so close to finishing development that a token event is likely not really needed. Being the founder I can easily finish self funding the development next year and simply deliver free of charge a robust platform for people to use. Over time as the Stish circulation and holders increase and trading prices increase we can slowly release some crypto into the markets to cover future operating costs and recoup some costs over time and provide still people with trading ground floor opportunities.

2019 will be a significant year. I think it will show people that I personally am invested in the project for the long haul and look to continuous improvement and development. With the launch of light Stish wallets within the platform and a semi automated Stish credits to Stish crypto exchange happening I think that will allow us much more scalability. Simplicity is key and some seam to think social media is dead or dying overall and so is blogging and connecting. The only areas of growth or in uber niche communities such as Stish It where people are passionate about cryptocurrency and the future of crypto. We hope that as we continue to grow and develop that people will see the store of value potential that Stish has and the circulation capabilities we have through the PEE theory of distribution.

2019 will bring about Stish being listed again on the Saturn Network exchange and likely a few other exchanges that have the interested of traders  in mind. was awesome and the Saturn group has already launched ETC trading on the Saturn Network and it is the easiest trading platform that has been invented yet in my opinion. New people to crypto will feel less intimidated and should enjoy their trading experience. We are invested into the Saturn Network and do look forward to their future growth along with our own. ETH trading pairs which will allow Stish listing again should be available by 2019. We will start sending air drop requests once we are listed again and really increase early adopter circulation.

Let’s Close 2018 With A Bang!

For everyone who has been waiting all year for the double Stish bonuses your time has come. We talked about doing some double rewards and we did this in 2017 also when we first started to get some people’s attention. We hope it has the same effect as last time and will encourage people to share with their friends and family and strangers and increase growth of the platform. Stish Credits for blog posts will double until the end of the year and daily caps will stay the same. Comment rewards have also been significantly increased until 2019! We know that comments are really the lifeblood of any successful community. People work hard to create content and many friendships are born when users share sincere comments about the content.

Thanks for a great year even though we had some ups and downs!


We Still Look To Give Away 1 Million Stish which is 1% of total Minting to all early adopters. You have To Sign Up!

Stish Air Drop



Top 4 Reasons You Should Participate In The Stish Token Event!

The Top 4 Reasons You Should Participate

Stishit In A Nutshell: We add a layer of incentives and a supporting ecosystem to accelerate growth in nascent content creators, who are motivated using gamification and awarded monetary value provided via secondary market token economics. Stishit is a distribution vehicle for the Stish cryptocurrency! 

Stish Token Event

  • Stish is not a concept ICO with zero development and no roadmaps or game plan. Stish has developed almost all of its core platform and creatively brought different pieces of software together to create an awesome platform that will help solidify long term support of the new currency Stish. Unlike most ICOs you might have participated that generally failed to meet deadlines and failed to accomplish half of what they promised, Stish has already made huge strides.  You can test drive where we are and easily see where we are going and understand how we will be successful with a quicker time to solid exchanges. You will not have to wait 2 or 3 years before we develop the concept.


  • Stish is ready to take the platform to the next level. Stishit and Stish are poised to be one of the highlights of 2018 and 2019. With major competitive advantages to similar projects. The Stish project has already seen some serious adoption and is looking forward to completing a few larger investment projects to wrap up the major development that will solidify Stishit and Stish as the go to crypto of choice. The core Stish platform is very close to completion with test driving of social wallets and community interactive features going on now. The one thing that is missing is Stish having the same functionality as BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC and BCH on the Stishit Platform and across thousands of other platforms.

Stishit looks to really break down barriers of entry into crypto.

  • We may have an unknown team of founders and early adopters and developers even but we do not have an unknown goal or trajectory. For the last year we have developed and tested many things revolving around cryptocurrency and have discovered a solid plan for success. The project is solid and secure just waiting to ratchet up the final legs of major development and put Stish crypto on the map. With clear goals and a solid track record of proving concepts we believe there is no better opportunity in 2018/2019 than Stish crypto. Once the initial platform is complete we look to build our own blockchain technology to power the community verses relying solely on Ethereum.


  • Stish is possibly the least talked about soon to be success story and you are arriving at the perfect time to take advantage of the path of the Stish journey. With Stish You Can Monetize Content From Multiple Platforms such as Medium, Steemit, Minds, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Digg And Other Popular Social Networking Sites. Simply sharing your content in the social portal can earn you Stish!

More Details About Stish….

Stish is developing the easiest user friendly cryptocurrency based social networking platform ever. is one social community built around Stish which rewards members for community participation. When people exert effort they find more value in what they receive for that effort. We believe there will be people from around the world that value their time and energy differently and this will allow for awesome trading opportunities.

Users can deposit multiple currencies and interact with each other in this epic micro social crypto economy. Stishit receives micro nominal fees for outgoing transactions which will cover operational costs and fund future developments. We need your help specifically to take Stish to the next level and wrap up the final strategic alliances to allow for even simpler and easier integration into our existing platform.

It will open up the api possibilities so that we and others can integrate Stish into various future projects such as the marketplace Stish List and future digital stores for selling music, photos, movies, books and more. We will be able to use Stish in game development and other community driven projects with a minimum of 100,000 USD participation goal. See The White Paper Here.

For Those Who Want An Old Timey Shopping Experience Buy Here! With Fiat Currency.

For Friends Of Stish and Stishit Who Are Helping Get The Word Out We Greatly Appreciate Your Efforts. Please Be Sure You Use Your Special Link So That You Get Credit For Referring People To The Token Event.

Connect to Stishit with MetaMask or Saturn Wallet Extension To Get Your Referral Link.

We plan to give 5% of all ETH collected via the token sale to those that helped us raise the funds! Thank you.



stish logo

Several Hundred People Woke Up To Bonus Stish Crypto

In our original white paper we laid out a plan that gave us 6 months to raise funding and complete some development milestones. We asked the community to be active and grow the micro crypto economy. We announced a solid plan for early adopters and people we considered honorary founders for their actions in promoting the community. Many took it upon themselves to launch or start growing a base on other social networks such as our Telegram and Discord channels.  Many others have helped with youtube, facebook, twitter, bitcoin talk and reddit 

The Amazing Community Support and Welcoming Of The Members Of The Micro Crypto Economy On Is Priceless!

August 2018, was the time in which we promised to distribute founders and early adopters Stish crypto currency. With that time of the year upon us we are happy to announce that we distributed 900,000 Stish. Now each early adopter and founder have even more incentive to promote the platform and community. The currency will only be as strong as the community and those trading the currency Stish.

Many people have messaged me surprised at receiving so much Stish crypto!

The difficulty of growing a social network and community online is beyond imagination. People’s time is valuable and to get a fledgling startup like off the ground takes hundreds of people getting the word out. One thing about that can help move people is the strong stance we have on freedom of Speech. We have people who consider themselves to be both liberal and conservative on the platform. Often I have seen friendly discussions about some weird random topics and some super serious discussions about life.

When people have the freedom to express themselves and build a social network around that, whether others agree or disagree, is epic in today’s social media climate. is committed to freedom of speech and will not suppress content. We do have laws to abide by and the community can vote to decide that a post should be removed but the platform will not make unilateral decisions to censor content accept where it violates the law. We do have a family platform and request that users not publish nude or pornographic material in our terms of use. We really do not wish to ever become moral police or promote one groups agenda over another. is a concept community showing the potential for a crypto currency rewards based micro crypto economy that we hope to one day compete with websites that were born because of the freedoms they now try to destroy!


Early Adopters Received 2000 Stish Crypto For Being The first 1000 Members to join!

Never before has social media rewarded people with a crypto currency in this way.  Stish crypto can be traded on the decentralized exchange that protects peoples trades through a special erc223 contract. It is so much fun trading crypto this way and we have seen an above average trading price on the exchange thus far. With limited amount of trading volume the average price of the crypto has not been established yet through website such as coin market cap. The founders expect to see Stish listed in 2019 as we continue to make technological advancements and raise more funding through our TOKEN EVENT COMING SOON!

Thank you all for helping grow a micro crypto economy around the Stish currency. May all of your days be blessed!



Quick Explanation Of Stish CryptoCurrency

Crypto Isn’t Always An Easy Thing To Explain. But This Graphic Helps Explain Stish In As Few Words As Possible.

If you are trying to wrap your head around the whole cryptocurrency revolution you are not alone. It is complex and sophisticated but you can learn enough about it to buy and sell cryptocurrency. Once you get the basic fundamentals of most digital currencies you will be in great company. Bitcoin was the founder really of the modern day cryptocurrency. Ethereum is a sophisticated cryptocurrency that allows people to build on top of it. This utilization for software and currencies has propelled it to 2nd in command behind Bitcoin in a very short amount of time.

All distributed ledgers have some commonalities. One of which is the immutability do to the hash consensus. If this is all a foreign language to you have no fear. is here to help you transition and become a crypto guru in no time. Another similarity between crypot currency is most try to be somewhat anonymous though laws in most countries do require at some point along the chain basic customer data gathering to help prevent terrorism and illegal activities.  So some of the basic ways blockchains are created when their function it digital currency based are often very similar to each other. Each block has identification of the next block of data and they are chained together so that if one block is ever altered the chain knows it and essentially discards the block that is invalid. It is much more complicated than this but this is the just of it.

With advanced cryptography and genius ways to create passwords generally called public and private keys cryptocurrency is certainly a secure way to have digital assets that are extremely difficult to steal or hack or trace for that matter. If you are worried about government meltdowns, wars, stupid economic policies or other things completely out of your control it might be wise to look into crypto currency.

For many years people would always keep a little gold or silver sitting somewhere in their home or buried just in case. Many people bought jewelry and precious gem stones for this reason. Many of these same smart people get involved in crypto currency on some level. With everything there is risks and rewards. With digital currencies it is no different. Some are extremely volatile and much money is to be made and lost often without rhyme or reason. Before putting any money into crypto do your homework. If it takes months to get all of the concepts it takes months and you are better off understanding crypto intrinsically before getting involved. Of course I’m not a financial expert or offering financial advice just some commonsense reminders.

Now Let’s Learn Quickly About Stish:


During your read I hope you found some useful information about crypto and Stish. Stish is an ERC-20 Digital Asset Token Built On The Ethereum BlockChain. Stish is used in part to tokenize the rewards pools which helps manage velocity and minimally supply. As people make purchases on and other portals in the future with Stish we put much of those Stish back into the rewards pool for works to be created and the cycle to be repeated.

Initially to not flat-line the currency right out of the gate we have stated in our white paper that we will not allow more than 5% total circulation to come from work rewards from the initials circulation. Once the markets are made and payments are being made in Stish we certainly don’t want to hoard a bunch of Stish. Though we can help reduce supply as needed by not flooding the market with sell orders we prefer to grow the platform with high quality content and active participation and reward members for their efforts and keep the currency moving. Over time rewards will become smaller and smaller to help manage velocity but still encourage participation.

What we all probably grasp the easiest is that when there is a demand and the supply is shrinking there are 2 outcomes. Either the price increase generally or supply has to increase. Stish was built with a fixed capped amount of 10,100,000 created. The only way to expand this is by majority vote and a hardfork or redistribution of a new token to existing Stish holders. This is possible and doable but a consensus of members would need to be made and development planned and tested for months. We can cross that bridge when we get there. Basic supply and demand principles help motivate the markets. accepts payment for access to services and will also potentially require Stish payments for membership in the future. Other offering are being considered and developed to help encourage the utility of the token. Often payment will be accepted in USD or Stish for goods and services to help peg the currency to the USD. Stish is only as good as the community that is being built around it and we appreciate everyone’s hard work.

How To Make MyEtherWallet Display Stish

How To Setup A ERC-20 Compatible Wallet.

If you need an ERC20 or ERC223 Compatible wallet this is the easiest to get set up by visiting and here is a video that shows you how to setup your wallet for New TOKENS like Stish.

Things You Will Need To Set Up Your Wallet:
You will need to send a small amount of ethereum to your wallet address if you do not have any. $20 bucks of Ethereum will help you make trades down the road. Your New Ethereum Wallet Address Will Start With 0X. You can send Ethereum or ERC 20 tokens built on Ethereum to this new address. You can use Changelly located at the bottom of most pages on or search the website for Coinbase or your favorite place to purchase crypto.

Ethereum is not required but highly recommended to have some in your wallet. Ethereum does require you to pay fees to transfer the funds between members. These fees are referred to as gas fees as if their miners use gas fuel to do the mining or verification of the tokens!

To set-up your wallet for Any ERC20 You Will Need A Few Things For The Custom Tokens Area:

Stish Contract Address From Etherscan: 0xb472C71365eF9ed14226bB0AA4C9a3Fa45EcE510

You will need the name of the Crypto: Stish

You Will Need The Decimals: 4

Update: MetaMask browser extension for Chrome, Firefox and Brave browser has become our preferred method to work with Ethereum based tokens. Saturn Wallet is also a great wallet for working with Stish and their Saturn Exchange. With these tools you can easily create wallet addresses and NOW send and receive ETH, ETC, ETH ERC20 and ERC223 Tokens and Much Much more. is a great place to start learning about how to use Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens.


Stish Howey Test Compliant

Some Facts:

One reason we ask you to complete your Stishit profile is to help us be KYC compliant. One reason many platforms Asks Users To Take A Selfie Is To Attempt To Be KYC compliant. Stish Tokens Are ERC-223 Tokens Built On The Ethereum Blockchain and are 100% backwards compatible with ERC20 Toknes.

Stish Tokens Have Functionality and Utility. They can be traded between members and those that trade the currency. Stish tokens can be used to tip or support other members of the Stish Crypto Economy. Stish tokens are a utility store of value type token. We often call them crypto currencies and they can be traded for goods and services on our platform and soon other platforms. Stish Crypto will one day be the sole way to interact with some of our features and benefits of the platform. (gaming and distributed applications can now be developed thanks to Stish2.0)

KYC is an acronym for Know Your Customer. Most Countries In An Attempt To Stop Money Laundering Or Terrorism Require Companies To Know Their Customer Or Collect Basic Information On Customers. We reward members with Stish Credtis for completing their profile and will not be able to Exchange your Stish Credits into Stish Crypto until you have completed your profile.

The Howey Test Helps Determine Essentially If A Company Should File With The SEC (Securities And Exchange Commission) and follow strict rules and pay exorbitant fees for filing. Companies Selling Certain Financial Products or Services Are Required To Register. The Howey Test Is A Solid Test To Determine If Your Company Should or Should Not Register.

Please Read This Disclaimer Before Purchasing Tokens:

Stish Credits and Stish Crypto are not company stock and their value does not represent the value of They should not be used for investment purposes. Some might claim that the rewards they earn are dividends but this is not the case as they are flat rate rewards equitably distributed to members who perform tasks not distributed based on how much you already own. Stish credits are like many common rewards points systems that grant you perks and benefits as members of the community. Stish credits have no cash value and are not redeemable for cash. There is no resale market or way to purchase Stish credits with cash or crypto. Stish Credits have been tokenized and we do exchange them for Stish Crypto upon request and will likely add an automated process to this as we develop further.

Both Stish Credits and Stish Crypto pass the Howey Test and are not required to register as they are not any of the following: notes, stocks, bonds, or investment contracts. There are no express or implied guarantees. Cryptocurrency Tokens/Coins Are Risky Things To Purchase And You Should Only Purchase At Your Own Risk Knowing How They Work And How To Manage Safely and Securely Your Tokens or Coins.

Please take care of yourself and do not spend more than you can afford to lose. We can not guarantee any outcomes and make no prediction expressed or implied. There are no warranties or guarantees.

How Can We Protect Customers and Members?

This has weighed heavy on my mind since the beginning. Stishit & Stish want to live in reality and be fair, honest and straightforward doing as many things transparently as possible with our hybrid on chain off chain platform. We suggest that the light Social Wallets be used for sending and receive cryptocurrency and not used for long term storage or for large amounts of currencies. There are services available for cold storage and hardware wallets that offer greater security.

Stishit is aqequate for everyday normal use but no platform unless specifically designed for long term cold storage is 100% safe or free from attacks. We take all efforts to improve security and harden the platform and servers. It is advised to set-up a secure email service, be aware of phishing schemes. Create extremely secure passwords with both letters, numbers and symbols involved. Do not give your password out to people. and team will never ask for your password! You might receive correspondence from us from time to time. This correspondence may require you to click a link to authenticate that you are who you say you are and that you really do want to send funds from your Social Wallet to somewhere else. Pay attention to what the emails look like. We will try to stay consistent with our messages so that you can get familiar with what a message from us might look like.  Be smart and learn things that you need to know to keep your wallets safe and your account credentials secure.

Some services will require you to make a secure connection using MetaMask or the Saturn Wallet or another secure browser extension. Become familiar with how to send and receive Ether and Ethereum based tokens.


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Who knows maybe they will make a movie about us one day!

We originally created this piece for many of our videos that will be coming out in the next few weeks. We are working on some pretty cool things that can help you tell people about Stish.   If you have not joined you should join now!