Respect Truth Inside of You

What is the truth in the life sometimes ( and most of the time) is not pleasant, fair or flattering? In some moments it is even outrageous.

? Now, why is that? It is not about the truth, it is the recipient – we have scruples, expectations, dreams, ego… You name it. We deserve better, more, everything…
It is normal. Nature programmed us so that we survive and not extinct on some level. We would be long gone as a species if we didn’t have that primal need to HAVE.

? You don’t feed your children with the empty hands. You have to HAVE. The food, clothes, shelter, medical care, education, investments, savings… It all costs, time and effort. But, you have to have it and you will work for that.

? But, there is a limit and most of us know all about it. People who don’t realize that they are crossing the signaling red line usually spend their lives in the misery and anxiety. They are not happy and spend endless nights doing nothing but staring into the dark future designed by a culprit called a human mind.

? People are afraid of the death, change, and judgment. The ones who are not are truly free. The ones who went to an extreme, stay locked inside. There is no bigger prison or the harsher punishment but to be locked into your own mind. A life becomes a nightmare from which you can’t wake up.

? So, instead of trying to snap out they live their life for the others or to fulfill the social expectations. They work as the horses, for nothing else to buy the things they don’t need. They even mock the emotions, because everything inside is a void stripped of any expression. They neglect their friends and decide to resolve themselves of the possibility to be happy…

? Do you really want to live that life…?

Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

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Friendship of goats and chickens




Kisah ini lahir dari pengamatan nyata di mana ada seekor kambing dan ayam selalu bermain bersama. Padahal ayam dan kambing adalah jenis hewan lainnya. Mereka tidak membuat perbedaan dan tidak dapat dipisahkan dalam prinsip persahabatan meskipun keyakinan dan pandangan filosofis berbeda, ini adalah gambaran kehidupan yang sangat terbalik dari keinginan untuk nafsu.          They are two friends who often play together. The next day to the white sand beach. When they go to the beach, they get a barrier because a very large snake can pounce on goats and even chickens. But the snake did not pounce on two friends, the snake just wanted to say that around the beach there was a cruel and cruel seal. Two friends and even goats and chickens continued the journey.
When they arrived at the beach, they did not feel the threat of danger. But suddenly behind the waves there was a sound that made them a little afraid. Haaaaa ran … Apparently behind the waves was the sound of a seal informed by the snake, the seal was still chasing them both. When chicken and goats are tired they hide in the fertile Pandan forest near the beach.
And the seals are still looking for them. And suddenly “Why do you get Pandan forest? … (Goats’ words). I won’t eat you !, (Seal of words), and I need a friend to play with you and that you both. The three of them have become friends and immediately proceed to sunset, and they climb a small hill there, the three of them watch the sunset and sleep soundly on the hill without fear, if suspicion loses the comfort of the meaning of a friend.   

I Have a Plan… and it definitely includes Stishit!

In All Fairness, I need a Harley Davidson. Only One!

The one I want!
I’ve been working on my wife now for years, trying to meld her thought process with mine, laying the groundwork for the day I spring it upon her that it is time for me to buy a Harley Davidson. I’ve had a lifelong dream of owning three big-boy toys and have already accomplished two of them… a sailboat and a motor home. Now that I’m two-for-three, it’s about time to move on it. It’s time for the hat trick… the trifecta… the Harley! It’s almost every man’s (and some women’s) dream that has ever owned a motorcycle to one day own a Harley Davidson. It is that grassroots passion that many of us dream about. It’s about freedom and the self-expression that transcends all cultures. We are adventure-seeking individuals whom aspire to the values that Harley-Davidson stands for – independence, authenticity and the passion for being on the open road. Okay… I live on an island and open roads here don’t exist, but what the hell. I can still have one, can’t I?IMG_7525.JPG
Charlie’s Two ScootersThis morning as we were readying to leave parking lot, my neighbor Charlie was out walking his dog. Charlie was also stationed here on Guam at the same time I was back in the late ’70’s and has been here ever since. He owns TWO Harley’s and they are parked flanking his front door of his ground floor condo. Anyway, as he passed by our car he stopped to chat. He had just got back from visiting his relatives in Tennessee and was telling me how enjoyable it was to get out on the road and do some riding during the cool Spring mornings when the temperatures were in the mid 60’s. I said “Wait! You have a scooter (Harley) there in Tennessee?” and he replied “Yes.” With the sound of certain envy in my voice I affirmed with him “So you have THREE Harley Davidson motorcycles?” and he replied “Yes, consider me to be Harley poor!” We continued talking for another minute or so until his dog decided that we had enough conversation and it was time to go for his walk. As the dog pulled Charlie away from the car, I began backing out of our parking spot and as I rolled up the window I turned to my wife – “Did you hear that? Charlie has three Harley’s!” “THREE” I replied to myself as I looked at her. After a not-so-short pause she says “Yeah, okay three… he doesn’t have a wife either!”

She made a valid point and right then I knew I would do well enough to simply leave it alone. At least for another day! Charlie was no help… I guess I’ll be looking for a new plan of attack!


I got to the Airport to board a flight to Abuja. Suddenly, I saw an elderly woman complaining about her stolen phone. I went close to see if I could help. Immediately she saw my phone, she told the crowd that it was her phone which was an iPhone 5. For a moment I was so surprised, shocked and so confused. She held and slapped me.

The crowd attempted to beat me up but luckily a policeman came into the scene. He asked what was going on, I explained with tears all over my face. The Policeman asked the woman to call her phone. She called and a girl picked, apparently it was her daughter; ” she said mum you left your phone at home when you were leaving to town” Tears rolled down the more from my eyes because I had already been disgraced.

The policeman told the woman to apologize, the woman brought out her Cheque book and wrote a cheque of 5.5million naira and wanted to hand it over to me suddenly I woke up. Oh it was a dream!

Please I need your advice: should I return to sleep? Or go for Malaria treatment?

You are smiling ???? It is better to smile than to frown.????? Face your daily challenges with smile and you shall laugh last.

Put a smile on someone’s face remain silence why, Hope you’re good?

Beda menyontek dengan meniru

Menyontek menyalin pekerjaan orang lain seolah-olah itu adalah pekerjaannya,

Meniru melakukan tindakan yang sama dengan seseorang,dengan tujuan mendapatkan hasil yang baik seperti orang yang kita tirukan