Apple Will Release Headphones with Better Capabilities from AirPods?

Apple is rumored to be adding an array of audio accessories its made. This time, the company is reportedly wanting to launch headphones with capable capabilities.

According to AppleInsider report, this news first glide from KGI analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, which is often provide leaked around the latest Apple devices. Not only that, the leak is usually also fairly accurate.

Quoted from The Verge, Tuesday (27/2/2018) this headphone will certainly have a better ability than AirPods. Nevertheless, Apple plans to offer an equally good experience with these earphones.

These headphones, according to Kuo, will carry a completely different look from other models. Unfortunately, he reveals further the differences as to what this product offers.

Given the capabilities offered, Apple will certainly membanderolnya with a higher price than AirPods. Just for information, wireless earphones are currently sold at a price of US $ 159 or approximately USD 2.1 million.

The plan, Apple will introduce these headphones towards the end of 2018. Along with these headphones, the company also plans to bring the latest version of AirPods.

Reportedly, this latest generation AirPods will support voice commands via Siri. Not only that, Apple also called will present AirPods are waterproof in 2019.

AirPods are very salable

To note, Apple’s decision to develop their own headphones is actually not a strange thing, because the company already has the Beats brand, which is focused on audio accessories.

However, with this brand-new product, Apple is rumored to want to answer the needs of users who need more qualified accessories from AirPods.

Just for information, AirPods that go on sale late 2016 is indeed reported to get a positive response. After several months of release, sales of AirPods even reportedly sold well.

Based on a survey of Ben Bajarin and Experian analysts published in Business Insider in May 2017, 82 percent of the 942 consumers who bought AirPods, were satisfied with the white earphones that were identical to the white ones.

Overall, 98 percent of respondents admitted very satisfied with the performance and functionality of these earphones.

In fact, the level of customer satisfaction with AirPods has in common with the level of satisfaction when first generation iPhone was released. At that time, the level of satisfaction with the iPhone skyrocketed up to 92 percent.

When described in more detail, 98 percent of consumers admitted satisfied with AirPods content performance, 97 percent like AirPods casing design and pairing process AirPods with iPhone via Bluetooth.

Meanwhile, 95 percent are very satisfied with the performance of power and comfort when AirPods are used. And, 93 percent also claim to be safe because AirPods are not slippery and not easy to fall when used exercise.

AirPods Shipment is Predicted to Break 28 Million Units 2018

Given the market’s response, AirPods shipment is also predicted to be higher this year. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that AirPods shipment will reach approximately 26-28 million units by 2018.

If proven, then sales of AirPods will increase twofold year over year. However, the journey of these accessories is not without a hitch.

There are a number of people who deplore the decision Apple is no longer using headphone jack, but on the other hand the presence of AirPods also get a lot of praise from consumers.

At the start of its launch, AirPods experienced several delays until mid-December 2016. Not only that, Apple also still have to struggle to meet the demand due to the limited supply of products.