Gratitude Sunday~ 11/10/19

Gratitude check today! Another day to be grateful for with many opportunities to be thankful for! This share here is to assist you and remind you of the blessings you possess within yourself and all that you look forward to beyond you. There is plenty worth your thankfulness and gratefulness. Why worsen your day when you have the power to better it!

Additionally, you have people in your life to appreciate and enjoy as you please. You’re not alone, so enjoy and make the best of the gifted present. Until next time, look forward to a better future as you continue beyond surviving~

Remember, you have the power of will to design your future and the power of love to create your circumstances.

CHEERS~ to your great life continuing…



Gratitude Sunday~ 10/20/19

“A common practice worth your effort daily lies in your empowerment of extracting amusement and appreciation from within while doing common things.”

Gratitude check today! Embrace an attitude of gratitude to bring a sense of peace and the idea that you deserve the gifts and blessings you’ve been given. Empower yourself to make life mean so much more for you. Ask yourself… What if I make gratitude a perpetual daily feeling for more than just the big things, memorable interactions, and eventful moments?

Despite your circumstances, you can improve every single area of your life. There is evidence to suggest that being grateful, you can actually bring more things into your life to be grateful for. The universe pays attention whenever you express the feeling of gratitude, as it responds by providing you with more worth being grateful for. That is how awesome the magic of gratitude can be! So, what are you grateful for?

CHEERS~ to your great life, great day and success continuing…

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Gratitude Sunday~ 06/09/19

Gratitude check today! “Be such a grateful loving presence within your own life that others treat you as such.” Another week of thriving on the good stuff! You have the power to better your life. You have the power of will to design your future and you have the power of love to create your circumstances combining a chain of memorable and joyful situations. Enjoy yourself and make the best of the gifted present time frame serve your interests moment-in and moment-out because it matters.

This reminder of gratitude here is to mindfully assist you beyond me. A reminder of your blessings within and the added bonus of all that you have currently outside of yourself. There is no doubt that you have plenty to look forward to! Just as there is so much worth your thankfulness, there is so many deserving of your gratefulness. So, what are you thankful for and grateful for? For today, this past week, this month, and of this year? Remind yourself of all that you are grateful for as you look forward to more of the same!

Until next time, move forward positively looking ahead to a noteworthy future as you continue thriving~

CHEERS~ to your great life, great day, and success continuing…


Source: Gratitude Check~

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