Have You Ever Been to Manila? – There is so much to explore. Visit Manila. Manila may be one of the more easily misunderstood capitals in the world where ultra modern meets nostalgia. Some might learn that it’s in close proximity to the gorgeous island getaways of the Philippines, and be surprised to learn that it’s a big city. Others might be aware of its reputation for casino resorts and be surprised to learn thatRead More →

Tahukah sobat stishit sungai pada zaman dahulu dijadikaan sarana transportasi yang selalu di mamfaatkan oleh masyarakat. Walau saat ini hanya sedikit sungai di jadikan sarana tranportasi, mungkin hal ini disebabkan semakin cangih alat transportasi lain yang digunakan masyarakat dan memiliki nilai ekonomis sehingga banyak sudah masyarakat sekarang yang meningalkan transportasi air sungat Sungai saat ini pun sudah semakin tidak ramah lingkungan lagi airnya yang sangat kotor akibat dari penebangan pohon oleh orang yang tidak bertanggungRead More →

Indonesia adalah salah satu negeri yang penduduknya banyak petani. salah satu provinsi yang memiliki keunikan dan mengandung berbagai sejarah heroit yang dikenang sepanjang masa. tapi kali ini saya mau jelaskan salah satu keunikan lagi yang mungkin tidak dimiliki daerah lain di Indonesia bahkan dunia yaitu Warung kopi hampir seluruh sudut kota dan desa(gampong) baik itu jalan raya maupun jalan desa(gampong)berdiri yang namanya warung kopi tak ada tempat yang tidak memiliki warung kopi bahkan setiap warungRead More →

Hai sobat stishit, ini kolam ikan tapi bukan kolam ikan paus seperti dambaan sobat stishit kolam ikan ini saya ambil foto di salah satu pompa bensin di wilayah Kota Sigli Kabupaten Pidie Beurenuen. saya tetarik mengambil foto karena ikan banyak dan ada ikan yang ukuran panjang 1 meter dengan lebar 30 cm sehingga setiap orang dan keluarga yang mengisi minyak disana selau menempatkan diri untuk melihat-lihat kolam ikan atau ikan besar.Read More →

The best camera you can ever own is the one in your pocket! Your smartphones camera can do amazing things if you get to know it a little better. I am lucky enough to have the Huawei P10 which has dual Leica lenses that can take just about any style of photo you’ll ever need. I’m toying with the idea of a DSLR camera but – 1) They’re stupidly expensive! 2) I’m a poor musicianRead More →

Metal Detecting – I’m a Physical History Hunter – This is my favourite little toy car that I’ve found – Circa 1930’s. Early in 2014 I found myself in a really dark depressed place after unfortunately, having a major breakdown. There were many triggers and reasons for this and I’d just been suppressing them all until they finally erupted into a volcanic collection of anxieties, self doubts and fear. So the story continues, and IRead More →

For many people Andalucia is all that they imagine Spain to be. Great climate, sun, sea and beaches, bullfighting, sherry and flamenco. Covering over 33,000 square miles and running the length of mainland Spain’s southern coast it is the largest and most populous of the 17 autonomous regions of Spain. Andalusia is crossed by the Sierra Morena mountain range in the north and in the south by the snowcapped Sierra Nevada. The fertile basin ofRead More →

Photography is part of my other hobbies, these are some of the photos from my camera phone shots. The location of this photo is all in the Aceh region. where I live now. aceh has many beautiful tourist destinations, such as sea tourism, mountains, rice fields, rivers, waterfalls, diving, and many others. All photos shots by alpasee09Read More →

I recently wrote a blog post on Steemit about our trip to the Belgian Ardennes. We took so many pictures that I couldn’t possibly fit them all into one blog post, so I thought it was a good idea to share some more original ones here.   You can find my original Steemit post here: https://steemit.com/smartphonephotography/@daan/cross-country-skiing-in-the-belgian-ardennesRead More →

Im dylen de from Borneo Asia, 43 years old, there is not much to say about me.. Just an ordinary person who like adventure and making new things as leisure. Got no fix hobby too…I do anything that might interest me playing remote control drift car, Taking photograph of anything such as nature and interesting places. At the moment i like doing something about crypto-currencies and found out it can be a source for theRead More →