Online distraction free writing tools with dark background

The distraction free writing tools which I prefer to use, and which I would advise to anybody are the ones with the dark or dimmed backgrounds.

For this purpose, you can either search the Google yourself or take these two as advisable alternatives to whatever text editor you are using. The white and bright backgrounds, no matter how you adjust your scream resolution, will at the end cause you either a headache or some sort of the discomfort. Plus, the ones I am recommending are quite fun to use.

The first one is ZenPen which has a dark theme, option to set a targeted word count and an option to save your text locally on your PC as a Markdown, HTML or text format. You can use it on the full screen which I rarely do and in a desktop mode. Adding of the basic formatting and links is fairly easy, as you only need to mark the text and you will be served with the options in an option bubble above the line. Using is pretty much straight forward and it doesn’t offer any advanced tools.

Another one is called the Typwrittr and that one is more complex and better looking as well. Users have to make a profile and then they can save their text online. This text editor is also equipped with beautiful backgrounds which we can change as we please, offering us an additional source of the inspiration. Unlike with the ZenPen you can’t set a targeted number of the words, but you can monitor the word count in the bottom of your screen.

I hope these two apps will help you to be more creative and what is more important , more relaxed when you are in your creative mood.

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