Allegedly, Mars is getting blown up and I suppose to have an opinion – Ancient Alien – Parody

??????? – Well, bu-hu-hu, fuck you too!

Do you know why the ordinary aliens (I am not extraordinary I just landed before the show) don’t want to land here or have anything with the humans ( besides me shooting them down like clay pigeons)? Take a lucky guess? Not nukes, wars or your weapons. Or the capacity to hate anything that crawls. A-a!

Because the beings on the Earth ( Ocean!) are a walking farm of germs. Nobody is crazy to be near, or even a galaxy near. I can’t even load some of you into my UFO because the number of units per one load is limited to 100. But it is never your own bugger that causes world-class extermination, it is always some exotic species of flowers somewhere from Africa… Aw Nawwww, man, you so clean!
That’s why the alien abductions are in majority the bullshit. You are dirty, greasy, germ infected motherfuckers. I love all about you, but you need to wash your ass. If you find a person who claims they were abducted during or shortly after a shower, that’s the authenticity you are looking for. That your ace, he scored!

I don’t know about you, but I personally hate to be sick! And I get really ill, my immunity is hostile without prejudice and my metabolism runs on meth. Do you have an idea what kind of an inhumane inclines run through my mind every single time one of you apes sneezes next to me? Why I am so suddenly unfriendly? Because I thought of your every sneeze to be my last, and no matter how long I have lived I don’t want to fucking die. In fact, I can die. I just can’t stay dead. But that doesn’t change the quality of the experience, and it is a damn gruesome one.

My concern is not about if or when the humans gonna do the Mars by celebrating 4th of July with some really big firecrackers – Wowzy, nukes, so hot!!- but if there will be somebody on the Mars willing to retaliate. Have you ever trespassed a territory claimed by another alien? I mean by an alien, because ( I assume) you are a human. No? Well, I did and they don’t hand out the tickets, you know. They like to blow things up and as far as I know, any extraterrestrial being another species will always see you humans like one of two things – sex or food. Or… both?

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Harrowing Saw ( The Fourth Ghost) – Arpitrax – Fiction

The last time I was telling you about the Arpitrax, the raven told me that I allegedly have to kidnap it, which was in my opinion impossible as it needs a mind sphere to exist in the first place, and to my demise, the damn thing was permanently welded into me, so I can’t detach and manipulate it from the outside.

First of all, Arpitrax should have never existed. That is what I know.
Second of all, the Illuyanka should have never been cursed by such a horrid temptation in his possession.
Third, a symbiotic part of him was nice, but Illuyanka himself started to play and abuse my inability to stop whatever he wanted to do.
A symbiont is not a slave and he was assimilating all my abilities. But, he did not assimilate my intentions, he just pretended and I felt sorry for his misfortune of being created by my evil peer. He has done nothing to deserve that.

I hoped so much, and I wished so hard, that Illuyanka will somehow manage to suppress his human desires and to use the Arpitrax for the completely wrong purposes. Now, you know better than me, no human is capable to do that. At least not for now. Why do you think there is always some celestial god destroying those dragons and witchers?

And I have been so gullible and naive to believe it is possible, but that is only because I am an alien and I do not understand temptations that humans deal with daily. I simply don’t see the world in the same way you do, and my comprehension is more close to one of a child. All that power, and a brain of a carp. Well, I guess it has to be like that. You can’t have everything. I have the divine comprehension, you have the brains, knowledge, wits, beauty, skills, talent… ok, ok, you have everything, I am just here for the decoration and in case that some asshole alien tries to land down and take over the world. A very thin chance for that. Anorexic.

Anyways, what happened. Well, ugly and short, Illuyanka started to use the Arpitrax for the things he found relevant – like gruesomely crippling one man and killing another. Yeah, very important things. I guess that was an exercise for the future genocides he had already planned… OK, that is only a speculation, I am just running my mouth without basic sensibility to weight my thoughts.

The first human he attacked did not suffer major damage so I managed to repair him. I hoped Illuyanka will stop on the first mistake, and everything was fine for a few days. I got nothing through the Arpitrax interface, and I thought that was solved.

Then one night I receive an odd message, a full video transmission of a human man I never saw before sleeping, weird symbols and a picture of a giant white mental sphere pulsating with violet/purple shimmer. The message was too complicated to decipher, and a part of it that I managed to decipher was a fiasco. I never saw a white sphere, so I was terrified.

The second victim of Illuyanka was beyond repair. He was dead on arrival, and the scariest thing was that nobody could help him. What Illuyanka did was wrong. He wasn’t handing down the justice, but revenge. Terrible how it sounds, but anyone, with a crime or not, could be his next victim.

So, while I was sitting there disheartened here comes the feathered fucker, a raven came but this time he was carrying an actual written message in his beak.

-I received the transmission, I have no idea what does it mean – I yelled at the bird when he dropped a package on the table.

-I brought you the recipe how to do it – raven continued like I did not say anything – You have the Transformation stone, correct?

-Yes. – I nodded unwrapping the message – It is a piece of space junk, it doesn’t do anything.

-It depends who is holding it… – raven sneezed and wiped his beak under his wing – I brought you a recipe. And by the way, there is nothing about you detaching from the Arpitrax, you obviously can’t …

-Damn true, because I tried .. – I answered while opening a small package –

-… but nowhere it says that Illuyanka can’t. – I lifted my head and looked at the bird confused – It just requires a concentrated power of will, and that what you are holding in a hand…

-Power of will…? –

-Just read it!! – raven blurted and impatiently flapped his wings.

I was reading a message for a few seconds in complete silence, and then I looked at the bird who was expecting my reaction… then I read it again.

-And? – raven silently asked waiting on my reaction.

-Well… well, well, well… at least I don’t need to lie down into a battery acid, shove the ground wire into my ass and bite into a power grid…


-Are you fucking insane!!?? What a fuck is this????

-That is uh oh… It doesn’t say that…

-I know it does not! I see what it does say!! – I was raging at him – I have to paste that protection layer made of nuclear waste, or what-fuck-not, on myself …

-Yes, that is so that the liquid does not, you know…-

-I knoooow! Why does it say that I have to close all my physical openings…?

-Well, maybe so, for more protection…-

-Why is that sentence written in different handwriting? – I asked watching a raven and imagining killing him where he was squatting…

-Ok, I was worried! I meant it could be a good idea… –

-Fine! Let’s move on! And then I have to submerge into some sort of a demonic liquid… –

-It is not demonic, it clearly says…-

-Will I have any flash left on me after this?

-Of course, yes…

-You mean, you don’t know. – I rolled my eyes and returned to a paper – And before that, I have to place The Stone INSIDE of a tank with me.

-Yes, it will enhance…

-… the Stone that can do who knows what, with me in an enclosed tank! –


-And then I have to detach Illuyanka from the Arpitrax for a few seconds …-

-That is what I was telling you, a power of will –

-And… The Boss will … what a hell He means by “he will smite me”…?

-Well, you know – a raven poked upwards to the sky with his beak – smite, you know…

-Yes, I am pretty sure that I know what ‘smite’ means… – My eyes were sinking deeper and deeper into my sockets – I will lie into a dangerous medium and Boss is going to rip some sort of lightning through me?

-Yes… –

-I am not asking you! I am contemplating out loud! – I was watching a paper and a table in front of me thinking should I do that or should I just blow my brains out and spare myself from all of this…

-I suggest that you get drunk really, really hard, and that you dress up nice in case something goes wrong – raven leaned forward to me.

-If something goes wrong, I don’t think there will be much of me left to hold the dressing… – I said to the raven.

-I don’t know – raven was almost apologetic – I am a simple postman…

-Ok, ok, ok! – I said gasping for the air – My life in an exchange for many, I get it. I will do it. But, if this works… What about that white sphere?

-What white sphere? – raven tilted his head and curiously looked at me with his black empty eyes.

-The white sphere … I can’t detect any bodily existence attached to it and it was a part of the message I received…

-I have no idea about any white sphere… – raven shrugged – I am honest as I can be, I don’t know.

-And that is it? – I flipped the other side of a paper, but it was empty – What should I do after that?

-Get out and remove all that shit from yourself, before it eats through your skull??? – raven yelped at me – I don’t know I have no idea…

The raven wished me good luck and left me with the wavering thought of absolute dread on my mind.

What happened? Well, I am alive, am I not!?

I did not do exactly what raven recommended me, but I got a bit drunk because there was no way in hell I was doing the tank sober, normal and fully conscious. If I had to go, I wanted to be properly sauced.

So, I made all as it supposed to be, insulated myself and prepared my side of the Arpitrax for the sabotage, all by the book, I mean by the list I got.

And shortly after, I was sitting on the edge of the tank drunk as shit, with the Stone in one hand, and a glass in another, thinking how to drop a stone and then jump in, or should I jump and then drop a stone… anyways I was a bit tipsy. The cocktail was fabulous, I will share the recipe later.

In the end, I concluded that stone goes on one, me on two, and then my soul goes on three…

When I sunk I noticed how hard it is to think in that kind of an environment.
First, it was dark and cold, second I forgot that when I am in a liquid environment I suppose to stop drinking.

I detached Illuyanka’s part from him, it slipped like a loosely attached covering, his connections to it were still very thin. What happened after did not look like anything I expected. It didn’t feel like something like a lightning hit me.

I felt very dosed – no wonder – but I also felt that my symbiont was stun, like we both were stopped, and then rebooted.

The part of the Arpitrax that was connected to Illuyanka unwrapped, slang around him, slammed into me and welded into my remaining ports instantly while the symbiont still being stunt slowly floated away from me and then disappeared from my view.

I swam out of a tank as fast as I could realizing that it would be a good idea to get the fuck away from that hell as soon as possible. I wobbled down to a shower and scrapped the dirt from me and get to the Arpitrax to see what a hell happened.

I felt drowsy, but not like I was drunk or drugged, more like I was floating on a cloud or something. It felt unreal and that unreal feeling continued for almost 24 hours after.

I jumped in still wet and flipped a few signals from the Arpitrax, but nothing was coming from another side. I usually hear the white noise or something from another side, but this time all connections were dead.

Holy shit – I thought to myself – we did it. I flipped a few signals again trying to connect with the Illuyanka, but the Arpitrax was silent.

After a few more, very long seconds, I received a signal but that was not Illuyanka. A signal was incredibly strong, completely different and it was coming from a human. I started to decipher and found out that it is coming from a white sphere that was interlayered with my own, the same one that I received in the odd message days ago.
There was no whistles and shrieks, but a completely unknown male voice simply said “hello” through the connection.

-Hello – I replied insecurely through the connection – Hello? – To be honest I was completely surprised by the clarity of the transmission.

-Umm, is this the … Arpitrax? – a voice carefully replied to my greeting.

-Yes, I am a driver of the Arpitrax – I answered very slowly. – Who am I talking to?

-Aw, great! – a voice cheerfully chimed thought the connection and continued into the short chuckle – This is a new owner of the Arpitrax, my name is Carl.

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Step by step blogging tutorial #Part1



This is a tutorial how to make a blog and how to make a living of it, if possible. I already have a blog, which I was trying to maintain, but I wanted to go through all these steps and peculiarities that are recommended in all the best blog making tutorials and courses. I hope they are right, because I want to try it, one more time.

I mean I will not just talk about it how this or that can work, I will actually make a plan and stick to it to see how much I can make of my blog and of myself at the end line by following all these rules.

I am already doing all the crypto blogging webs so this is going to be an extra thing. And these are only the basic stuff, which I scraped online and stuffed into one big blogging tutorial. It is pretty long.
So, by the way you end with this you will probably fall asleep, but wait there is more to it. Tomorrow I will see if
I got all correct on my blog, and go through the basic points to check all of them.

These are the three set of the rules and this should be our gospel

Things we have to think about while making our serious blog:

Things we have to avoid because they will all result in a catastrophe:

Things to have in mind when planning your income:
PLAN #3: PRIVATE ADS ( Suggestions: AdRotate, OIO Publisher, WP125)

Now, when we understand all the rules and plans we can start going through the basic blueprint of our work. To make it more convenient I split it into 20 relatively easy tasks.

20 days to boost up your blog!

So, let’s launch your blog and see what happens.
I already have bought a domain name and I chose to host on the Blogger.
You can use any other free platform where you can paste codes and links freely.
You will have to learn about that blogging platform so you can use it.

I like old vintage stuff, so I decided to make my blog a non-responsive flat-line stif, just a way I like it. Now, you can use any modern template or the theme, it is up to you.
It will reflect your personality and give a frame to the things you write about.

CREATE A FEW MUST-HAVE PAGES ( About, Contact, Privacy, Disclosure)
This is a self explanatory. These are all the default pages any blog has.

Or you can use a Statcounter. But Analytics is fairly ok.

For a start – 50 posts about your favorite topic, or in my case the topics.
This can be written by you, or you can outsource it.
Do not use any free articles, nothing is free, you will end up banned or deindexed.

There are the SEO tutorials online, you can find a very useful things there including a keywords research and keyword density. Apply everything you can, but don’t overdo it.

This means either your own, outsourced or graphics. You can add those too.
If you are in a hurry, use a free royalty images.
Original work will add quality to your work, but if you don’t find it overly important just use something, or if in the last step, when we start doing reviews you will use a free images of the product lines.

Recommended last things to do:
Interlink your posts – add some related posts on the bottom.
Use “no-follow” links.
Fill out the metadata for your post.
Add your keyword to the alt text of at least one photo.
Set a custom permalink for your post ( if you have this option)


This link up there is an explanation how to use the Search console.

Well, I had that and it makes one difference, and that is that some things become easier.
In essence i like using Gmail and Aol, but ok.

I had it with a Mailchimp as well. If you never used it, take an hour or two and learn how to make it. They have great tutorials and they are really easy to follow.
If you are not comfortable with it, you can use any other service.

Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit… etc etc
This has to be an assignment of a day.
You will have to customise these.
Fill all the necessary fields in the social profiles.
You can also have more than one Facebook fan page about the same thing, or similar.
Later you can merge them.

Don’t forget to instal metadata for your social snippets.
If you don’t have those your post will not show up in the Facebook or Twitter in a way they should.

There are many other social and bookmarking websites where you can share your posts. Come with a list and make them.


Recommended tools:

Buffer, Hootsuite, SocialOomph, SproutSocial, TweetDeck ( only Twitter), Facebook ( inbuilt feature), Quintly.

You can absolutely use anything else as long it is comfortable for you.


Facebook is still extremely popular and there is no reason why not use it.

You can have your own Facebook Group, or you can join other groups and just post there your blog posts. Many Facebook groups allow this. Find the ones that does and who have a huge followers base.


The usual way to go is the banner ad units with the Adsense, but if you can’t get it you should try some alternatives.
The Adsense alternatives pay multiple times less than the real thing, so you should avoid these low-carb advertising networks and pay attention to get some solid advertiser to back you up.
If you can’t do that, install – Pubovore, Clicksore, Popcash, Chitika or a-ads.
The last two are the far the worst, and Popcash is a popup based advertising service, but still they are better from the rest.


Aside from the advertising this can be a very lucrative source of the income.

Recommended Affiliate Networks for New Bloggers


Join these and find some nice products you can write about on your blog.


Basic questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why & How
Who can use this product?
What is the product?
Where and when we can use that product?
Why should your readers want to buy this product?
How can it make their lives better?
How can this product be purchased?

Be Honest and Resonate with Your Audience
Take Quality Images
Use Affiliate Links – that’s why you are writing those
Include a Call to Action button
Keep Track of Statistics
Follow-Up with the Brand
Use the affiliate link cloaker- use something to shorten those bulky ugly links

Beauty product reviews
Book reviews
Store reviews
Restaurant reviews
Hotel reviews
Credit card reviews
Children’s clothing reviews
Subscription box reviews


This is where you can find the gigs and get paid for what you do. Some have the requirements, some don’t.



These are all the basic stuff and I didn’t want to add more because a tutorial would grow to 10k words and this is not my intention.
Now, this is 20 days Part 1 tutorial how to make a kick-ass blog so let’s start and good luck.
If all goes well, the #Part2 coming up in 20 days!!

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New eBook information and release date rev

I wrote my first eBook


I wrote my first eBook on autism. I wrote this book to showcase how hard it is for us to get or keep a job. This explains the many barriers we face with seeking and keeping jobs.

I made this book to educate that it’s not that simple for some of us.


Some info on my blog here

Get my book here 

I will make more books in the future. I may promote my art here to help me get sales. Remember, it’s tough when you are small/starting out.


I will soon re-open Discord server

I have been working on my server for quite a time now. It was shut down due to the inactivity, but now I am seriously contemplating to revive it and restore it.

The case is, that the previous server once related only to STEEM now will include other websites and means of the online networking and earning alike, so the name will be change and the steemrepair will be only one small part of it. Name, logo, banners, rules, and Codex will be changed as well.

I am still upgrading it, adding parts and if everything goes well, I will probably have it set up and functional in a very near future.

The server will include the database, info/announcement, promotion, voting trail, curation, various websites and will be adjusted especially for the new people in crypto blogging and blogging in general.

I will also see to add social networking channels that will bring us more people, and some new programming to make the whole thing more acceptable.

If I start making programs, for whatever web/service useful, I will make sure to make it public and available to anyone who wishes to use it. I am still not sure about the name.

Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

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BTS: aschatria-777
EOS: aschatria124



Don’t blame me for dark poetry – Taking Speed – Egoist (Halloween) {new}



I woke up to world today without the grandiose libretto,
in desperate need for the steam iron and spare parts,
a long list to reanimate my super-inflated ego.

Ain’t it chilling – thrilling, absolutely fulfilling,
to feast on that yeast, malformed and racy, raw jealousy,
all these narcissistic beasts, psychopathic hedonists,
still-eye growling spite , look up, here comes the egoist.

… more when done …

+ #inspiration “Aviators – All Hallows” #art #Darksynth

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Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

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How to write decent English post for non-native writers


Writing interesting, grammatically correct and stylish English text can be a challenge for a non-native writer. Many Steemians come from the countries where English is not a native language.

So, what can you do to save yourself from the troubling bad writing?

Follow this puppy-short writing course!

Write ( at least) 800 characters in Grammarly, check all mistakes, paste it in Google Drive, correct and save it.

Use Hemingway app and balance your text between 8th to 11th grade.

Paste your work in Paperrater. Set education level to 9th grade and type of paper to the blog/article.

Click Get report and then fix mistakes.

Copy fixed article and paste it on the previous page with same settings but then click printable summary report and follow the suggested improvements.

The report will give you improvements for the first 800 characters. Aim for Grade B.

Listed tools will help you to write basic and decent English text.

It won’t be  for the literary award, but it will be good.

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Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

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Tarot reading for my crypto webs ( for fun) – review of the previous week + next week prediction


I do this every week for fun, many things were quite correct in my case. During the last week I figured out what King of Swords mean, lol. Swords are usually never or rarely benevolent, and they usually mean trouble ( not always…), so I will keep that in mind. My previous week was in fact really nice and I enjoyed on my webs, writing and interacting with other people. So, lets see what cards said and what happened in reality.

Review of the previous week

WHALESHARES – Cards recommend being extra active and save my WLS.

Cards for Whaleshares were great, my experience was very positive and while I received $51 the last week, this week I made $79. I was pretty active as well.

TRYBE – Cards say this is a fair investment, try finding interesting competition and work on your presence.

There was that King of Swords, Trybe is at the moment under maintenance, so I guess that was a card of warning for a website, but to be honest I posted just one article on the Trybe in this period and I had no activity to evaluate anyways. I will see what will it say for this week, and try to find time for this website.

STEEMIT – Cards are in favor. I should invest energy and better results will follow.

I did not invest any energy, and my results were terrible. I am sure if I wrote something normal there, it would be much better, but I didn’t. The last week I made 5 Steem, this one barely 3.

SCORUM – Boredom is my main enemy, I should find an interest closer to my heart.

This one correct; I wasn’t there. The lack of the interest is definitely my major problem with the Scorum.

MINDS – Make order to your postings and accept challenges and new things.

I didn’t make any order and I had even less time to visit Minds, and share some links.

I took a vacation from the Weku, Stish and Smoke, so nothing to analyze there.

Verdict: Everything advised was ok. Steemit, Minds and Scorum probably had some great opportunities for me, but as I didn’t pay attention and I was giving them little to no time. I invested my energy into the Whaleshares. I made one article on Trybe and that one was above 1k in rewards, so even with a page in maintenance still it was a good prediction. But, what I should have done, is very much different from what I actually did.

Reading – next week prediction

I made reading for all the webs, no matter if I am going to do them or not. I also added a few new ones during the previous days. So, the novelties are MemoCash, BlockPress, Somee and WeYouMe.

The last week I only had the Sword above Weku and Trybe, this week I have an army of iron marching my way. I can expect more stress, but I can also expect more coins.


? I see the Whaleshares as a very challenging opportunity, and it will continue to be so. The cards advise me to use my resources carefully.
? ? Trybe will require some trust from my side, and it is advised to focus on others and help them.
? Scorum Yet another time to see this card indicating that I lack enthusiasm for this website. The cards advise me not to waste my effort, as it is not right time.
? Steemit will continue to deliver, the cards seek me to show practicality.

? ? MemoCash is young, fresh, and the cards ask me to show initiative.
? ? BlockPress on this page I can expect some excitement, and the cards advise me to seek suspended issues there.
? Minds will continue to deliver modest results, plus I am advised to gather and grow.

? ? YouTube will apparently cause me troubles. Noted!
?? I will see some favorable changes on the Twitter and I am advise to change some things there. Or delete it…
? Github is a big play ground, I am advised to produce something valuable during this week.

? ? Somee will be more active for me and I should make order there.
? Things won’t go the way I want at the WeYouMe, I should just keep on gathering points there.
?I am still pending with the Smoke, the card advise to use my resources carefully.
? ? Weku has a coin mark, and cards suggest I should start acting now.
? ? Stish will see some favorable changes, the cards advise I should not waste effort on some complicated things.

I can expect more excitement considering the Scorum(-), Memo Cash, Youtube(-), Twitter(-), Somee, WeYouMe(-) and Stish. I can expect to experience major changes considering the Trybe, MemoCash, BlockPress, Minds, YouTube(-), Somee and Weku. For the sake of the reward the cards suggest I will see profit on the Whaleshares, Trybe, Steemit, BlockPress, Github, Weku, but less on Smoke and Stish.

The only negative combinations are the Youtube and Twitter, surprisingly, I have no idea why, WeYouMe is too young to know if they will stay with us, and Scorum and Stish are placed upon hold for me, but that is nothing new.

For me this looks like an OK working board, most of the combinations are really nice and positive. I don’t intend to do all these websites, just the ones I chose no matter of the readings, because with little effort everything can be altered, changed and made better.

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? Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog ?

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Hilarious outtake: what if God could reply?



This is a comical reply to one writer from another writing page whose funny post inspired me to write this. Questions are by the author and the answers are my imaginary constructs of God’s thoughts. Of course nothing of this is serious, but still… This God in my sketch is a universal creator, unrelated to any religion in particular, besides my own.

Questions/ Answers

Why am I always last in the queue when the goodies are being handed out?
– Because you are generous enough to put other people’s needs in front of your own.

Why am I always the last to know about the latest good thing?
– You were too busy doing the latest good thing…

Why can’t I ever be the lucky one who gets the big prize?
– Because you received the gazillion small ones, and it wouldn’t be fair…

Why am I always the one who gets the smallest donut in the canteen?
– Because the sugar is bad for the health and an angel decided to spare you a bit…

Why does the adjacent queue in the supermarket always go faster than the one I’m in?
– Because the devil is testing your patience …

Why are the special offers always finished by the time I get there?
– The expiration date was reached …

Why is the store always out of that special treat I had set my heart on?
– They have learned it causes cancer…

Why does it always rain on me when I don’t have a coat?
– I experiment if your hair will grow back again.

Why do I get all the dirty jobs at work?
– You work with the lazy people…

Why is it always my car which gets dumped on by the seagulls?
– Because animals feel at home with you… I didn’t know it disturbs you, my bad, I will reprogram them to ‘love’ another soul. Is your mother in law good choice?

Why does it always rain just after I have washed my car?
– I’m jealous…

Why can’t I seem to catch a break?
– You will…

Why is it always me who gets dumped on by the big, bad world?
– Hmm, I am trying to fix that for the millenniums, unfortunately … people have the free will.



Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

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Respect Truth Inside of You


What is the truth in the life sometimes ( and most of the time) is not pleasant, fair or flattering? In some moments it is even outrageous.

? Now, why is that? It is not about the truth, it is the recipient – we have scruples, expectations, dreams, ego… You name it. We deserve better, more, everything…
It is normal. Nature programmed us so that we survive and not extinct on some level. We would be long gone as a species if we didn’t have that primal need to HAVE.

? You don’t feed your children with the empty hands. You have to HAVE. The food, clothes, shelter, medical care, education, investments, savings… It all costs, time and effort. But, you have to have it and you will work for that.

? But, there is a limit and most of us know all about it. People who don’t realize that they are crossing the signaling red line usually spend their lives in the misery and anxiety. They are not happy and spend endless nights doing nothing but staring into the dark future designed by a culprit called a human mind.

? People are afraid of the death, change, and judgment. The ones who are not are truly free. The ones who went to an extreme, stay locked inside. There is no bigger prison or the harsher punishment but to be locked into your own mind. A life becomes a nightmare from which you can’t wake up.

? So, instead of trying to snap out they live their life for the others or to fulfill the social expectations. They work as the horses, for nothing else to buy the things they don’t need. They even mock the emotions, because everything inside is a void stripped of any expression. They neglect their friends and decide to resolve themselves of the possibility to be happy…

? Do you really want to live that life…?



Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

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Diversifying my interest or spreading too thin




Being a part of many websites is always challenging and the biggest problem is not to spread too thin.

Others told me it is not, but others are probably less needed than me around my place. They can easily spend an entire day writing, playing and doing whatever for no one to ask them anything.
I would say that time schedule is the biggest issue here because I have to decide where to be and how much time to spend on a certain assignment.

There is also one problem, and that is that my family kind of doesn’t get that this is a job, they never did, so instead of doing it in the peace, I have to constantly argue and explain. In the last few months, I am literary in the rollercoaster of a constant debate, nagging and annoyance. They are supportive and all that, but when they need something they don’t care.

I could succumb to their demands, personal needs and just give up on all of this, but seriously, why should I?

I listed all the websites I am on currently in my footer. I could say a few things about an each just to share some opinion about them.

Social websites

? Twitter | The advertising social network, it is good as it is bad. I am using it and just recently I purged all following to start reading people I am interested in.
? Reddit | I am not really active there, but for my personal blog it could be good to start something there.
? Youtube | I am planning about this and have new materials.
? Github | in migration…
? Discord | Currently making a new server…
? Telegram | Nice communication tool.
? Medium | Nothing, this platform is dormant for me.
? Quora | Beside surfing, I did almost nothing. The page is solid and offers a lot of info.

Crypto websites

? Steemit | Daily blogging platform, but with 3 accounts in a toll and a few borrowed I still make zero to nothing. Still, I am hoping to see better days in here.
? Whaleshares | This is my new island. I am here to stay.
? Scorum | I have no idea what I am doing there. I will try but can’t promise much.
? Weku | So far so good, we are waiting for the market value…
? Minds | Value for 1k view is kind of low, maybe it improves with the time.
? Stish.Io | I visit this time from time.
? Trybe | I have a profile and still did not post anything, in the next few days I will.
? Smoke.Io | Sidedish to Whaleshares. I started to write.

When I look all of this I think I should keep Twitter, Reddit, Youtube and my blog ( either Hub or Labs), and work on webs until I can precisely estimate which one is the best for me.
I intend to put more muscle into the Whaleshares, socialize on Weku, do slowly the rest and continue Steemit as it is.



Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog

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The previous week was rather hectic to me. I had stuff done at home and also some of them were about my kid’s school and also some less happy health issues with my folks. I hope all of that will settle down, so we can all resume doing what we love, and not what we have to.

Strange, isn’t it, I don’t even bother talking like this to anyone around me, because some people age and remain the idiots – telling others that we have literary to destroy our health, metal state and everything we are in order to achieve something. It isn’t so and don’t you ever believe such a nuisance. That is a dwarf mentality screaming under the yolk, so leave it.

There are a few changes to my schedule, the first one is that I ‘retired’ my server members, discontinued the trail and joined multiple other websites to maximize my performance and invest my time better.

What websites I joined? Well, pretty much everything others already heard of, doe I have more faith in ones and lesser in others within a reason of course.

I hate to say when something is really itchy and what about it is, but I avoid drama in any form, so I will just write and enjoy the ride.

I also have many things on my plate, so it is impossible to shove anything into that schedule, but I will do my best to be as much present on Discord and crypto pages as possible.



Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people.
Thank you for visiting my blog

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Natural beauty hidden on a sheet of lingzhi mushrooms.


Natural beauty hidden on a sheet of lingzhi mushrooms. Why do I give the title of a post like that, while the discussion here is 12 exciting sex positions. I think it scares the parable of the female genitals with Lingzi mushrooms to be more suitable so as not to impress porn in the strongest title.
The following discussion about 12 interesting sex positions.
Conclusion after reading this post you better consider how according to health science a more recommended position.


General supine position, also called the position of “flower picking bees”. This position of the woman on her back while the man must support on both elbows and knees. The woman then pulls both legs up to the knees and approaches her ears. This position will develop vulna and provide a deep step, so that it will reach the peak of enjoyment.


Practice this position, the woman must dance both legs, so that her thighs are in a corner, perpendicular to her body. While the man position is on the sideways exactly back on the woman. Variations in this position will give a relaxed impression with light movements. If a man is on the left side of a woman, the woman’s left foot is placed on top of the man’s feet. This position is mostly done for relationships after orgasm.


This position is easier to do, because couples who will copulate just squat to face each other. The squatting position must be such that their genitals meet each other. With a regular and directed movement, the man then slips his “giant missile” into his partner’s intercourse.


This position is most relaxed, because the man’s head is above the woman’s feet. Couples can see each other’s partner’s intimate organs. The opposite direction is carried out by men by tightening and loosening their backs, giving women a flexible up and down motion that encourages extraordinary enjoyment. To achieve more enjoyment, the woman must lower her body slowly so that she lies between the legs of the man.


Women sit on the edge of the bed swinging their legs, while the man stands in front of him. This position can be adjusted according to taste. Excess of this position, when a woman rests on both hands and pushes her vital part will feel a delicious stimulation. Unfortunately in this position does not benefit men, the article to experience orgasm in a standing position is generally not liked by men.


This position the man must stand in his hands. He must know when pressing. With repetitive motion will produce pro. But this variation will provide pressure on the male abdomen and pelvic muscles. To reach the peak of pleasure plus, the position of the woman’s feet can be lowered by crossing her legs through the waist of the man, until the woman can lock, tightening her arms using her leg muscles. In this position can also prolong sex.


Sex variations eliminate boredom

This game should be done in front of a mirror, the article will be reflected that produces a new dimension to sex stimulation. The way a man sits on an armless chair, while a woman sits on his lap facing. To regulate his movements, a delicate woman hugged his body tightly while simultaneously regulating his movements. While the task of men only caress and kiss the intimate partner. One of the advantages of this position is that both of them can see their reactions in the mirror.


A man sits on the floor facing a woman by sticking his feet under the chair where the woman is sitting. Then he stretches his hand to pull the woman from his seat slowly, so that it falls in such a way. The woman can lean on a chair and support herself on both hands and elbows. women can also enhance and lower their position on orgasms that are mutually reciprocating.


Men and women sit facing each other and hug each other on their feet. The movement is done very slowly and rhythmically, swinging forward and backward, resulting in pleasure. This position is somewhat humorous and the couple must be really serious to hold back laughter before this position lasts five minutes. When during orgasm in this position, the man should pull the woman closer, so that his body sticks together.


The man folded his legs together on his knees, but the two ends of his legs still stepped on the bed, while the woman placed her body on the male thighs and had to support her body on both hands and knees. After that the woman lay face down on the body of a man. In this position it is more romantic, because women can caress and kiss their partner.


variation in sex positions

In this position the copulating couple sits together in bed. Women sit on men’s feet. Their legs are stretched so that the man’s feet are below the woman’s feet. Then the woman’s feet are pressed into the man’s stomach so that the “heirloom key finds a gate hole”. With a movement back and forth the inheritance lock can enter the gate of the palace of pleasure.


Is there a comprehensive definition of mental disorder available in the literature?

Mental disorder is not easy to define. It is a broad area and there is no single definition in the literature that covers all the situations and medical conditions that characterize a mental disorder. A person can be categorized a having a disorder (physical or mental) on the basis of structural pathology, symptom presentation, deviance from a physiological norm, and etiology.

Different researchers have attempted to define a mental disorder on the basis of concepts such as distress, disability, irritability, inflexibility, irrationality etc. Each of these can indicated a mental disorder, however, a comprehensive definition is still lacking. DSM has attempted to define a mental disorder as:

“ a clinically significant behavioral or psychological syndrome or pattern that occurs in an individual and that is associated with present distress (e.g., a painful symptom) or disability (i.e., impairment in one or more important areas of functioning) or with a significantly increased risk of suffering death, pain, disability, or an important loss of freedom. In addition, this syndrome or pattern must not be merely an expectable and culturally sanctioned response to a particular event, for example, the death of a loved one. Whatever its original cause, it must currently be considered a manifestation of a behavioral, psychological, or biological dysfunction in the individual. Neither deviant behavior (e.g., political, religious, or sexual) nor conflicts that are primarily between the individual and society are mental disorders unless the deviance or conflict is a symptom of a dysfunction in the individual”.

So I think any condition that hinders a person from doing their day-to-day duties can be classified as mental disorder, such as depression, where a person loses all his motivation to live fully.


A Poem – Somehow True –


This poem was written some time ago and has now been transformed into a song.




It tells a story of relationship struggles, heartache and heart warming make ups and break ups within the strained relationship I once found myself involved with.


Somehow True

Did I once see your eyes?
fell apart then realised
plans we made, then changed again
just the same, rejuvenate

Won’t you take me home?
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Stories old and stories new
the lies you told, but somehow true

Count the cost of a lover’s loss
sunny skies, I love your eyes
lost but found, I hit the ground
all is still, I had my fill

Won’t you take me home
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Stories old and stories new
the lies to told, but somehow true

Won’t you take me home
keep me safe and warm
safe and warm

Did I once see your eyes?
fell apart then realised
plans we made, then changed again
just the same, rejuvenate rejuvenate.




Thanks for reading my poem

You can hear my music on My Steemit Blog

 © 2018 Darren Claxton



Contest – Review a Book – 13th April



Review a book that you have read, in 1000 (or more) words.

Some guidelines

  • The review should not only be just summarizing the book, but also presenting the critical discussion of it with a personal touch.
  • Tell about the genre. What genre of literature is it and how does it compare to another book in this genre? Give one example.
  • Tell about the narrating style. Has the author used a formal or informal writing style?
  • Use headings, and use at least 1 image that is relevant to the theme of the book or this contest.
  • Think outside the box.

How to enter?

  • Create a separate post. The post should start as follows: “This is my entry for the review contest organized by @monajam. You can find the contest here.”
  • Please create a hyperlink, and do not paste the URL directly.
  • After you publish your post, drop the URL in the comments section below.


2 SteemThat Tokens for exceptional post.

Participate before

13th May 2018


That’s why I’m here

My friend keep telling me to joint stishit sice I don’t have a passion to post at steemit.

He told me that at stishit we can get reward more and easier than at steemit

so here I’m to prove it.



Melihat orang aktif dan menulis, jealous.. Orang dapat reward lebih jealous lagi.. Kalau mau jangan hanya jealous saja, berbuatlah sebagaimana orang buat. Kita juga bisa dapat kok, bahkan kita bisa dapat lebih banyak… How??  Buatlah lebih banyak…


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Threatens The Future of Humans?


Oxford – Technology experts call the future of the Earth is in the threat of artificial intelligence, where the risk of taking over nearly 10 percent of human activity within the next 50 years.

Launched from on Thursday (22/2/2018), a new report prepared by 26 leading experts painted a gruesome picture of the world in the next 10 years.

In the future, the utilization of artificial intelligence tends to empower all people, including ‘naughty’ governments, criminals, and terrorists, the report warns.

If people, including policy makers and researchers do not work together, then the threats can penetrate some of the most basic parts of human life.

The associated threats can come from drone attacks, to robots used to manipulate news agendas and electoral processes.

The Report on the Use of Dangerous Artificial Intelligence: Forecasting, Prevention, and Mitigation cite some of the worst possible threats that are hard to imagine.

The form of artificial intelligence that is most likely to threaten is the technology of synthetic speech-makers. This technology can be exploited in the making of hidden video propaganda by irresponsible elements.

Global Synergy is Required


The report on the threat of artificial intelligence has been compiled by experts from many of the world’s leading institutions.

By some of the intelligence agencies involved, the cross-related discussion meeting was the first in history.

Not only beneficial, the development of artificial intelligence also began to realize has some serious threats that damage the order of human life.

The report includes input from representatives of OpenAI, a research group founded by Elon Musk; Oxford University Humanitarian Institution; and the Center for Study of External Risk Studies at Cambridge University.

“Artificial intelligence is one of the determinants of the future, and this report has implied the worst possible in the next five to ten years,” said Dr. Sean O Heigeartaigh, scientist and executive director of the Center for External Risk Studies at Cambridge University.

According to Dr. Heigeartaigh, the related report suggests a broader approach that might help, such as how to design software and hardware to avoid hacking, to review relevant international laws and regulations, and so on.

Danger, Cyber ​​Criminals Can Abuse Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Robot who is good at playing chess show ability in Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2017 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA (8/1). This robot is equipped with artificial intelligence “intelligent vision system” that can work with precision.

The researchers assessed criminals can take advantage of the progress of artificial intelligence (AI, Artificial Intelligence).

Cyber ​​criminals are thought to be able to exploit the technology to create hacking attacks, cause autonomous cars to crash, and convert unmanned aircraft into weapons.

This was stated in a study published Wednesday by 25 technicians and public policy researchers from Cambridge, Oxford and Yale Universities, along with military and security experts.

This study is considered to be a reminder of the possible potential abuses of artificial intelligence by “naughty” states, criminals and single criminals (lone-wolf attackers).

Researchers believe the misuse of artificial intelligence can pose an imminent threat in digital, physical and political security, with a highly efficient targeted large-scale attack.

“We all agree there are many positive applications of artificial intelligence, but there are loopholes in the literature regarding the issue of harmful use,” said researcher from Future of Human Institute Oxford, Miles Brundage.

Artificial intelligence is a technology that uses computers to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as making decisions or recognizing text, speech, and visual images.

Artificial intelligence is regarded as a technology that can solve technical problems, but on the other hand also raises the debate over whether its automatic functioning can lead to widespread unemployment or other social change.

Compact Overcome Concerned Risk of Artificial Intelligence


Furthermore, the researchers also discussed the development of academic research on artificial intelligence security risks, and called on governments, technical experts, and policies, to collaborate on this issue.

They also detail the power of artificial intelligence to create images, text, and audio that can imitate the identity of others online, or can influence public opinion. The authoritarian regime is judged to use such technology.

The study also contains a number of recommendations including regulating artificial intelligence as a dual use technology, namely military and commercial.

In addition, the researchers also questioned whether academics and others should control what they publish or reveal new developments of artificial intelligence, until other experts in the field have the opportunity to learn and react to potential dangers they may encounter.

“Eventually we ended up with more statements than answers,” Brundage said.

The researchers speculate, artificial intelligence can be used to make fake audio and video public officials look very realistic for propaganda.

In the past year, pornographic videos “deepfake” appeared in the online realm that featured the faces of celebrities on different bodies.

“This happens in pornography rather than propaganda, but there is nothing in ‘deepfakes’ that can not be implemented for propaganda,” said Head of Policy OpenAI, Jack Clark.

OpenAI is a group founded by CEO Tesla Elon Musk and Silicon Valley investor Sam Altman, focusing on developing a friendly artificial intelligence that benefits humanity. Similarly, as quoted by Reuters on Thursday (22/2/2018).


While reviewing the Earthquake, Mexican Ministers’ Chopper Crashed and Killed 13 People


AMILTEPEC – The magnitude 7.2 earthquake on Friday (16/2/2018) local time that rocked Mexico, it triggered another tragedy, although no casualties were reported by the quake caused by the incident.

However, ministry-owned helicopters traveling to the epicenter landed violently, killing 13 people and wounding 15.

UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopter crashed in the town of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Santiago Jamiltepec, Oaxaca state, about 37 km from the epicenter. The helicopter crashed to the ground and destroyed the van that was carrying earthquake victims.

In the event of an accident, the power goes off and the day is dark. The helicopter brought Home Minister Alfonso Navarrete and the Governor of the State of Oaxaca Aljandro Murat. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto said the two officials were not injured.

“Unfortunately, some people on the ground lost their lives and others were injured,” he wrote on Twitter on Friday night.

Meanwhile, the Oaxaca prosecutor’s office has confirmed the death toll of five women, four men and three children, while another died on the way to the hospital.

Rescue teams quickly arrived at the crash site to evacuate survivors. However, it is unclear as to the possibility of a dead helicopter passenger.

According to Navarrete, helicopter pilots lost control about 40 meters above the ground when they were about to land. He added that several passengers of the helicopter also suffered injuries.

About 50 houses in the nearby town of Santiago Jamiltepec were damaged, as did the town hall and church. However, there were no casualties in the earthquake.

Oaxaca state authorities have opened shelters for earthquake-affected communities. Nearly 6/000 soldiers and police are assigned to assist emergency response.


Mexico’s Magnitude 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

A number of employees rushed out of offices and buildings after being rocked by an earthquake in Veracruz, Mexico, February 16, 2018. The epicenter was reported at 33 miles (53 kilometers) east of Pinotepa de Don Luis in the state of Oaxaca at a depth of 24 km.

A number of employees rushed out of offices and buildings after being rocked by an earthquake in Veracruz, Mexico, February 16, 2018. The epicenter was reported at 33 miles (53 kilometers) east of Pinotepa de Don Luis in the state of Oaxaca at a depth of 24 km.

Mexico City – A massive earthquake rocked central and southern Mexico with a force of about 7.2 magnitude on Friday, February 16, 2018 local time. So far, no casualties or buildings have collapsed due to this earthquake.

The epicenter was located off the Pacific coast close to the state of Oaxaca and has a depth of approximately 24.6 kilometers. This is based on data released by the United States Geological Survey. This vibration feels far south to Guatemala.

Residents scattered outside the house after the earthquake shook in Mexico, February 16, 2018. Reportedly, the quake did not trigger a Tsunami

Residents scattered outside the house after the earthquake shook in Mexico, February 16, 2018. Reportedly, the quake did not trigger a Tsunami

Currently, the southern and Mexican capitals are still trying to rise from the impact of the earthquake that occurred in September 2017.

“Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete said the quake caused minor damage to several buildings in Oaxaca but no casualties were killed,” it was quoted by Reuters on Saturday, February 17, 2018.

A number of images, circulating in social media, show bricks and broken buildings scattered and food products falling off the shelves in supermarkets.

In the capital city of Mexico city, the multi-story building rocked for about a minute as the earthquake alarm sounded. Some of the older buildings in the posh area of ​​Condesa clashed and some cracks were visible on the wall.

Patricia Gutierrez, a 66-year-old English teacher, said she was sleeping with her 11-year-old granddaughter, Juliet, when an earthquake alarm was heard.

A number of rescue teams from Israel and Mexico are searching for victims who are still buried in buildings destroyed by the earthquake in Mexico City, Mexico, September 21, 2017. The death toll from the devastating earthquake that rocked Mexico continues to grow to reach 273 casualties.

A number of rescue teams from Israel and Mexico are searching for victims who are still buried in buildings destroyed by the earthquake in Mexico City, Mexico, September 21, 2017. The death toll from the devastating earthquake that rocked Mexico continues to grow to reach 273 casualties.

“My grandson heard the alarm. When I woke up, I saw her eyes terrified. He did not say anything, “said Gutierrez, who came straight out of his apartment at the bottom before a big shock. “I leave all but the shoes and the baby,” he said.

Guadalupe Martinez, a 64-year-old retiree, said he was still surprised by the quake. However, this shock is much different from the shaking that occurred in Mexico in September 2017. “This time the earthquake shock was strong but not up and down,” he said.


If this Mountain erupts, the lives of 100 million people are Threatened

Iwo Jima Island is one of the largest volcanic locations in southern Japan

Iwo Jima Island is one of the largest volcanic locations in southern Japan              

Kyushu – Research on a giant undersea submarine caldera near the islands in Japan found a surprising new finding about a lava dome containing eight trillion gallons of lava.

Launched from the Live Science page on Wednesday (14/2/2018), the volcano dome which is 50 kilometers south of Kyushu Island has a diameter of almost 10 kilometers, and height of more than 600 meters which is now solid rock.

The findings of the giant caldera are said to be related to the legend of the eruption of Mount Kikai, where it is said to be a super volcanic eruption that occurred between 6,000 and 7,000 years ago.

According to Yoshiyuki Tatsumi, a scientist who writes related reports on the journal Natural Scientific Report, the massive eruption caused pyroclastic flow, a rapid flow of hot gas, volcanic ash, and rocks.

The pyroclastic flow is called blowing up to 80 kilometers, and spreading volcanic ash up to a radius of 1,000 kilometers, across the sea to parts of East Asia.

The volcanic system is known to be active, and is at risk of triggering massive eruption activity in the modern era. If it erupts, this giant caldera will be a disaster for the 100 million people in Asia Pacific, especially those living in the Far East, such as Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and China.

Although not mentioned when exactly, the volcano under the age of more than 95,000 years was recorded several times issued steam and volcanic dust in the modern era, last occurred between 2013 and 2014 ago.

Signs of the Next Great Explosion

Moments after the asteroid hit Earth, the volcano began to erupt with unusual intensity and very strong.

Moments after the asteroid hit Earth, the volcano began to erupt with unusual intensity and very strong.

Related to the position of the caldera that is below sea level, it makes researchers have difficulty in monitoring the development activities. Tatsumi and his team decided to dive to map the caldera floor with sonar reflections.

In addition, a team of related researchers also fired small explosive charges around the caldera’s foot, in order to create a seismic effect to describe the underwater surface around the caldera.

The study also took several rock samples, with the aim of knowing the chemical content of the caldera area.

Related research proves that the volcanic dome, in fact formed from liquid lava manifold rhyolite – young liquid lava – which is estimated to amount to nearly 8 trillion gallons in number.

“The post-caldera activity seen on this undersea volcano could be a sign of preparation for the next great eruption,” said Tatsumi, referring to the findings of hot springs on the seabed, and boiling gas flows that rise to the surface of the ocean.

Trigger Weather Anomaly

The raindrops in the glass windows with a cloudy background enveloped the sky

The raindrops in the glass windows with a cloudy background enveloped the sky

If the giant caldera erupts, the blast of steam and gas produced will have a serious impact on the global climate. Earth’s temperature will drop a few degrees, so the risk of triggering weather anomalies.

If the weather is anomalous, then the safety of Earth’s population is threatened. The crop failures will occur not only in the Asia Pacific region, but also likely to occur in almost all parts of the Earth.

A new survey involving seismic and electromagnetic sensors, will be juxtaposed with underwater robots to map precisely the shape of the caldera. Thus, it is hoped that later related findings can be key to knowing the signs of what is happening in the giant caldera.

The active lava dome has been a crucial issue for mankind in recent times. Volcanic activity can be a sign of a more powerful volcano eruption in the modern era.

In addition to the gigantic caldera Kikai, volcanic activity of large scale also continues to occur in Yellowstone National Park, United States, and volcanoes near the City of Naples, Italy.


Thank You!

The Sun Sets

Upon The Golden Sand

We SIt Together

Hand in Hand

We Gently Embrace

& Look Into Each Other’s Eyes

i Wonder If U Are

An Angel in Disguise

U Hold Me

Like There’s No Tomorrow

i Suddenly Forget

The Past Sorrow

i Kiss Ur Soft Lips

& U Kiss Mine

i Never Knew

Loving Someone Could Be This Fine

U Pick Me Up

& Carry Me to Our Room

Oh How A Love Can Blossom

& A Heart Can Bloom

Ur Touch is So Gentle

But Ur Hands So Strong

How Could A Love Like This

Ever Go Wrong?

My Heart is Beating

200 Times A Minute

Becoz My Love

U Are in It

The Sound of Ur Heartbeat

All Through The Night

We Fall Asleep in Each Other’s Arms

& Wake to The Morning Light

i Look Into Ur Eyes

& This is When

i Say “Thank You!”

For Teaching Me to Love Again!!!

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