I woke up to world today without the grandiose libretto, in desperate need for the steam iron and spare parts, a long list to reanimate my super-inflated ego. Ain’t it chilling – thrilling, absolutely fulfilling, to feast on that yeast, malformed and racy, raw jealousy, all these narcissistic beasts, psychopathic hedonists, still-eye growling spite , look up, here comes the egoist. … more when done … + #inspiration “Aviators – All Hallows” #art #DarksynthRead More →

Writing interesting, grammatically correct and stylish English text can be a challenge for a non-native writer. Many Steemians come from the countries where English is not a native language. So, what can you do to save yourself from the troubling bad writing? Follow this puppy-short writing course! Write ( at least) 800 characters in Grammarly, check all mistakes, paste it in Google Drive, correct and save it. Use Hemingway app and balance your text betweenRead More →

I do this every week for fun, many things were quite correct in my case. During the last week I figured out what King of Swords mean, lol. Swords are usually never or rarely benevolent, and they usually mean trouble ( not always…), so I will keep that in mind. My previous week was in fact really nice and I enjoyed on my webs, writing and interacting with other people. So, lets see what cardsRead More →

  This is a comical reply to one writer from another writing page whose funny post inspired me to write this. Questions are by the author and the answers are my imaginary constructs of God’s thoughts. Of course nothing of this is serious, but still… This God in my sketch is a universal creator, unrelated to any religion in particular, besides my own. Questions/ Answers Why am I always last in the queue when theRead More →

What is the truth in the life sometimes ( and most of the time) is not pleasant, fair or flattering? In some moments it is even outrageous. ? Now, why is that? It is not about the truth, it is the recipient – we have scruples, expectations, dreams, ego… You name it. We deserve better, more, everything… It is normal. Nature programmed us so that we survive and not extinct on some level. We wouldRead More →

    Being a part of many websites is always challenging and the biggest problem is not to spread too thin. Others told me it is not, but others are probably less needed than me around my place. They can easily spend an entire day writing, playing and doing whatever for no one to ask them anything. I would say that time schedule is the biggest issue here because I have to decide where toRead More →

The previous week was rather hectic to me. I had stuff done at home and also some of them were about my kid’s school and also some less happy health issues with my folks. I hope all of that will settle down, so we can all resume doing what we love, and not what we have to. Strange, isn’t it, I don’t even bother talking like this to anyone around me, because some people ageRead More →

_____________ RANGE POSITION General supine position, also called the position of “flower picking bees”. This position of the woman on her back while the man must support on both elbows and knees. The woman then pulls both legs up to the knees and approaches her ears. This position will develop vulna and provide a deep step, so that it will reach the peak of enjoyment. SLEEP SLEEP POSITION Practice this position, the woman must danceRead More →

Mental disorder is not easy to define. It is a broad area and there is no single definition in the literature that covers all the situations and medical conditions that characterize a mental disorder. A person can be categorized a having a disorder (physical or mental) on the basis of structural pathology, symptom presentation, deviance from a physiological norm, and etiology. Different researchers have attempted to define a mental disorder on the basis of conceptsRead More →

  This poem was written some time ago and has now been transformed into a song.     It tells a story of relationship struggles, heartache and heart warming make ups and break ups within the strained relationship I once found myself involved with.   Somehow True Did I once see your eyes? fell apart then realised plans we made, then changed again just the same, rejuvenate Won’t you take me home? keep me safeRead More →

Task Review a book that you have read, in 1000 (or more) words. Some guidelines The review should not only be just summarizing the book, but also presenting the critical discussion of it with a personal touch. Tell about the genre. What genre of literature is it and how does it compare to another book in this genre? Give one example. Tell about the narrating style. Has the author used a formal or informal writingRead More →

Melihat orang aktif dan menulis, jealous.. Orang dapat reward lebih jealous lagi.. Kalau mau jangan hanya jealous saja, berbuatlah sebagaimana orang buat. Kita juga bisa dapat kok, bahkan kita bisa dapat lebih banyak… How??  Buatlah lebih banyak…Read More →

Oxford – Technology experts call the future of the Earth is in the threat of artificial intelligence, where the risk of taking over nearly 10 percent of human activity within the next 50 years. Launched from Independent.co.uk on Thursday (22/2/2018), a new report prepared by 26 leading experts painted a gruesome picture of the world in the next 10 years. In the future, the utilization of artificial intelligence tends to empower all people, including ‘naughty’Read More →

AMILTEPEC – The magnitude 7.2 earthquake on Friday (16/2/2018) local time that rocked Mexico, it triggered another tragedy, although no casualties were reported by the quake caused by the incident. However, ministry-owned helicopters traveling to the epicenter landed violently, killing 13 people and wounding 15. UH-60 Black Hawk military helicopter crashed in the town of Pinotepa de Don Luis, Santiago Jamiltepec, Oaxaca state, about 37 km from the epicenter. The helicopter crashed to the groundRead More →

Mexico City – A massive earthquake rocked central and southern Mexico with a force of about 7.2 magnitude on Friday, February 16, 2018 local time. So far, no casualties or buildings have collapsed due to this earthquake. The epicenter was located off the Pacific coast close to the state of Oaxaca and has a depth of approximately 24.6 kilometers. This is based on data released by the United States Geological Survey. This vibration feels farRead More →

Kyushu – Research on a giant undersea submarine caldera near the islands in Japan found a surprising new finding about a lava dome containing eight trillion gallons of lava. Launched from the Live Science page on Wednesday (14/2/2018), the volcano dome which is 50 kilometers south of Kyushu Island has a diameter of almost 10 kilometers, and height of more than 600 meters which is now solid rock. The findings of the giant caldera areRead More →

The Sun Sets Upon The Golden Sand We SIt Together Hand in Hand We Gently Embrace & Look Into Each Other’s Eyes i Wonder If U Are An Angel in Disguise U Hold Me Like There’s No Tomorrow i Suddenly Forget The Past Sorrow i Kiss Ur Soft Lips & U Kiss Mine i Never Knew Loving Someone Could Be This Fine U Pick Me Up & Carry Me to Our Room Oh How ARead More →