Tarot reading for my crypto webs ( for fun) – review of the previous week + next week prediction

I do this every week for fun, many things were quite correct in my case. During the last week I figured out what King of Swords mean, lol. Swords are usually never or rarely benevolent, and they usually mean trouble ( not always…), so I will keep that in mind. My previous week was in fact really nice and I enjoyed on my webs, writing and interacting with other people. So, lets see what cards said and what happened in reality.

Review of the previous week

WHALESHARES – Cards recommend being extra active and save my WLS.

Cards for Whaleshares were great, my experience was very positive and while I received $51 the last week, this week I made $79. I was pretty active as well.

TRYBE – Cards say this is a fair investment, try finding interesting competition and work on your presence.

There was that King of Swords, Trybe is at the moment under maintenance, so I guess that was a card of warning for a website, but to be honest I posted just one article on the Trybe in this period and I had no activity to evaluate anyways. I will see what will it say for this week, and try to find time for this website.

STEEMIT – Cards are in favor. I should invest energy and better results will follow.

I did not invest any energy, and my results were terrible. I am sure if I wrote something normal there, it would be much better, but I didn’t. The last week I made 5 Steem, this one barely 3.

SCORUM – Boredom is my main enemy, I should find an interest closer to my heart.

This one correct; I wasn’t there. The lack of the interest is definitely my major problem with the Scorum.

MINDS – Make order to your postings and accept challenges and new things.

I didn’t make any order and I had even less time to visit Minds, and share some links.

I took a vacation from the Weku, Stish and Smoke, so nothing to analyze there.

Verdict: Everything advised was ok. Steemit, Minds and Scorum probably had some great opportunities for me, but as I didn’t pay attention and I was giving them little to no time. I invested my energy into the Whaleshares. I made one article on Trybe and that one was above 1k in rewards, so even with a page in maintenance still it was a good prediction. But, what I should have done, is very much different from what I actually did.

Reading – next week prediction

I made reading for all the webs, no matter if I am going to do them or not. I also added a few new ones during the previous days. So, the novelties are MemoCash, BlockPress, Somee and WeYouMe.

The last week I only had the Sword above Weku and Trybe, this week I have an army of iron marching my way. I can expect more stress, but I can also expect more coins.

? I see the Whaleshares as a very challenging opportunity, and it will continue to be so. The cards advise me to use my resources carefully.
? ? Trybe will require some trust from my side, and it is advised to focus on others and help them.
? Scorum Yet another time to see this card indicating that I lack enthusiasm for this website. The cards advise me not to waste my effort, as it is not right time.
? Steemit will continue to deliver, the cards seek me to show practicality.

? ? MemoCash is young, fresh, and the cards ask me to show initiative.
? ? BlockPress on this page I can expect some excitement, and the cards advise me to seek suspended issues there.
? Minds will continue to deliver modest results, plus I am advised to gather and grow.

? ? YouTube will apparently cause me troubles. Noted!
?? I will see some favorable changes on the Twitter and I am advise to change some things there. Or delete it…
? Github is a big play ground, I am advised to produce something valuable during this week.

? ? Somee will be more active for me and I should make order there.
? Things won’t go the way I want at the WeYouMe, I should just keep on gathering points there.
?I am still pending with the Smoke, the card advise to use my resources carefully.
? ? Weku has a coin mark, and cards suggest I should start acting now.
? ? Stish will see some favorable changes, the cards advise I should not waste effort on some complicated things.

I can expect more excitement considering the Scorum(-), Memo Cash, Youtube(-), Twitter(-), Somee, WeYouMe(-) and Stish. I can expect to experience major changes considering the Trybe, MemoCash, BlockPress, Minds, YouTube(-), Somee and Weku. For the sake of the reward the cards suggest I will see profit on the Whaleshares, Trybe, Steemit, BlockPress, Github, Weku, but less on Smoke and Stish.

The only negative combinations are the Youtube and Twitter, surprisingly, I have no idea why, WeYouMe is too young to know if they will stay with us, and Scorum and Stish are placed upon hold for me, but that is nothing new.

For me this looks like an OK working board, most of the combinations are really nice and positive. I don’t intend to do all these websites, just the ones I chose no matter of the readings, because with little effort everything can be altered, changed and made better.

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? Love, joy and perpetual happiness to all good people. Thank you for visiting my blog ?

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