Testing the Edit Button Again

When creating posts on Stishit for blogging we want to have an easier time when users want to edit those posts.

So perhaps they are reading the post after they submitted it and then they see a typo and want to edit. The current process is that all Posts are listed under “Write Articles” tab in the main navigation of the website. This is the blogging portal really. You can see your posts, you can edit your posts by clicking the little pencil and you can create posts.

I’m working on a way to create a HOT Posting button where you can post a blog post from anywhere. We have given the UI a much needed facelift and opted to auto grab photos added to your blog post for the featured image instead of having an extra place to upload a featured image. We also made some enhancements with regards to how post snippets share internally and externally when you share your posts.

These are some serious updates as we work to address the user experience when posting. The big news in this post is that we are bringing back the EDIT LINK at the bottom of posts! We will test these and see if people are able to edit their posts from the Social Portal List of Blog Posts. Users should be able to do this now and if not please let me know as I have finally after months of scouring our code found the bug glitch that comes when someone changes their username and certain permissions due not get re-assigned sometimes.  This should be corrected now and I hope that users can experience The Best Stishit Platform we can offer!

We brought back 5 Tags also for Search Engine Optimization. Many may not know but choosing the correct category and picking tags, or keywords that you also use in your article is critical for ranking your article on search engines. Be sure to use tags that describe what your post is about and that are actually included in headlines or paragraphs within your blog post article.

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We don't brag enough really. STISH has an amazing blogging portal. Users can create blog posts using a Visual Editor Composer or Text Markdown Composer. The media library is nice also for people who maybe use the same graphics in each post as their uploads are easily accessible each time. Users have the ability to quickly style their posts with headlines and bolds and flashes of color for text. Add a zinger image and quickly add links or embed videos from youtube or other popular platforms. The

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2 months ago

With Our New Stish2.0 All Post Edits Will Be Handled From The Blogging Portal. Users can see all of their posts and click the edit button. This is the best way for security reasons. The info is only shown to the content creator this way and other modules are not trying to override anything.

3 days ago