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The Beginning of Open Carry Texas


I don’t remember exactly when I was contacted and asked to become a member of the Texas Leaders Coalition for Gun Rights, but I jumped at the opportunity to represent Texas Revolution.  It also led to me deciding to run for the Texas House of Representatives in 2014.  I marched in numerous Open Carry Texas and Come And Take It walks around Texas. I have included what CJ Grisham wrote about this video and CJ continues to work to change the laws of Texas.  He also continues to promote Constitutional Carry and conducts 2nd Amendment Audits across Texas.  If you see a guy riding a bicycle with a long gun on his back that is probably CJ.

CJ Grisham tells his story 

Click the link above to see the video.

This is the complete footage of my illegal arrest back in March 2013. While on a hike with my 15-year old son out in the country, I was approached by Temple PD Officer Steve Ermis. When Ermis didn’t like the answer to one of my questions, he decided to take my lawfully carried weapon without asking or notification. At no time did Ermis explain to me that I was under investigation of any sort. At the moment Ermis grabbed my personal rifle, I instinctively reacted by retaining the weapon. This momentary reaction is what prosecutors claim “interfered with the duties of a public servant” at trial. After the officer threw me onto the hood of the car, still without explaining the charges against me or why I was being disarmed, I refused to comply with unlawful orders to have my hands cuffed until I was certain I could get a record of the illegal arrest. I was initially arrested for “resisting arrest,” but that was changed several times until they could find something that would stick. The first trial ended in a mistrial, but corrupt county attorney Jim Nichols was determined to teach me a lesson. During the second corrupt trial, on November 19, 2013, a jury of six members found me “guilty” of this Class B misdemeanor when they were not allowed to consider self-defense as a motive for my actions. The judge in the case, retired Harris County Judge Neel Richardson, was heavily biased in the case, calling me and my family “local yokels” and telling prosecutors and defense attorneys that if he had his way he would “put them all in jail and teach them how to be good parents.” This explains why only 30% of his peers rated him an “excellent” judge in 2001, the year he retired. In fact, in order for the county to secure their guilty verdict, they had to bring up this judge all the way from Harris County because no judges in Bell County would take the case. Corrupt County Attorney Jim Nichols was rabid about finding any charge they could get to stick and then finding a judge that would go along with his efforts to protect an abusive police officer. This video is time-sequenced. It begins with the dashcam footage from the arresting officer. The video that pops up to the right is at the moment I turns on his camera to record, giving the view two points of view. The third video is the dashcam footage of Sergeant Tom Menix, the supervisor for Ermis. Notice at 08mins 08secs when they go to the back of the patrol car that Ermis unplugs his microphone, violating TPD policy. This accounts for the terrible audio heard in the back of the car on Ermis’ dashcam, but the audio is still captured on Sergeant Menix’s microphone. On November 19, 2013, a six member jury found me guilty of “interfering with public duties” and fined me $2000. I lost on appeal due to an obscure SCOTUS ruling about post facto probable cause. If you’d like to contribute to this fight, please send donation via Paypal to [email protected]


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