The Psychology of Sex Coaching

Should You See a Sex Coach?

Americans have become comfortable with the idea of therapy. We go to coaches and counselors for all sorts of reasons. But for most of us, talking about sex is still a taboo.

Sex is very important to our lives and relationships. Sexual issues can affect self-esteem and overall happiness, and can trigger anxiety and depression. But most of us don’t think about getting help!

Here are some common reasons for seeing a sex coach:

  • You have a low sex drive, or your sex drive has suddenly changed
  • Your sex drive is very different from your partners
  • You are embarrassed or uncomfortable talking with your partner about sex
  • You have difficulty achieving an orgasm
  • You experience premature ejaculation
  • You feel sexually inadequate, or experience anxiety when having sex
  • You have sexual desires that you or your partner are uncomfortable with
  • You are confused or uncomfortable with your sexual identity
  • You have trouble forming sexual relationships
  • You are experiencing addictive or compulsive behaviors relating to sex
  • You’d like to expand your sexual skills
  • You’d like to experiment with BDSM, kinks, or alternate forms fo sex

These particular issues may not apply to you, but the list goes on! Almost everyone experiences sex-related issues at some point in their life or their relationships.

What is a Sex Coach?

A sex coach is someone who is trained to deal with sexual issues. In addition to extensive knowledge of sexual issues, a coach is trained to create a safe and confidential environment, and helping clients to talk openly about sex.

Sex coaches follow the same general steps as other types of counselors and coaches. A coach will help their client to:

  1. Determine their goals and aspirations
  2. Determine what is blocking the client for achieving those goals
  3. Create a plan for overcoming obstacles
  4. Monitor progress toward the goals

Sex coaches may work with men, women, and couples. Most coaches conduct sessions by telephone, Skype, or other online conferencing systems.

Jennifer Stephan, a certified sex coach, says “People looking to address these issues are looking to understand and embrace who they are and move forward into healthier, loving relationships. They find greater fulfillment in their personal relationships, whether it be a long term relationship or looking for love.”


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