The Stish Logo Has Meaning

Some people have laughed at the Stish logo because of its non traditional cryptocurrency spin. The Stish logo has real meaning embedded into the design of the logo. 

Stish Crypto

At first glance it is a circle coin with the name of the coin and a funny looking tree coming from the letter i. At a further inspection you might notice that the tree actually complete the letter i. Like the logo Stish will complete many people’s lives. 

The word “Stish” has been defined to mean “Chill” or “Relax”. Of course the website is rather chill and less intimidating than some other social media platforms. The ultimate goal of the currency and the platform is to become a micro crypto economy. This social network that makes the value that the crypto currency represents but without their having to be an exchange of assets or paper money. See Stish is freely given to those that contribute to the society. But is is really not given so much as the value that each contributes is equitably assigned. There is not a boss worker relationship. Nor is their a work contract relationship.

The platform only facilitates the place where the community comes together. Stish the currency is processed and developed on the ETHEREUM blockchain. As you create value through referrals, through content creation, through human interaction, through content sharing, you inherit what already exists from what we call the Rewards Pool but technically is created at the time the action is created. In this manner you the user or citizen of Stish always has full control of your value. You have control of your time and the content that you share and ultimately the value that it yields.

The great thing about Stish is that it is primarily held by users of the platform. Stish has taken extreme steps to not be manipulated by far off exchanges but rather use a decentralized exchange for open, fair, transparent trading. https://Saturn.Network facilitates both buy and sell orders and statistics in a clean modern easy to use UI.

Understanding the currency may help each understand the logo concepts.  The Stish Platform is just the roots and the trunk of the Tree. The roots and the trunk feeds the branches and the leaves to sustain themselves. It is the software, the coding, the development, the R&D, the beta testing, the whole platform and systems and the currency itself. 

The branches are all of the distribution methods. Without the trunk the branches can’t exist. The branches carry the currency or the life blood of nutrients to the leaves. Much like a large tree there are many branches. There are ways to receive the currency. One might write comments, while others create full blog posts, one might invite friends and share memes, while another uploads music and videos they curate from the web that causes their followers to enjoy life. Others might simply refer people to the platform. Some might work within the branches to heal while others act as the bark to defend. There are loads of roles to play within the limbs and much is going on but the core focus is on getting currency to the leaves!

The leaves are all of the users. Through photosynthesis the leaves create valuable oxygen and continued growth. The more sunlight or happiness the user receives and the more currency or nutrients the user receives the more growth the tree will have and the more oxygen it will produce year after year. The leaves represent the people who take the currency and do good with it. They encourage others and in turn increase their own growth. They use the currency to increase the lives of others.  Ultimately the leaves are the reason the tree keeps coming back year after year. The reason it renews itself is to create more and more leaves to do more and more work.

Stish Crypto

Stish Is Very Much Like A Tree. 

A tree keeps growing and climbing higher and higher reaching as high as it can go. The tree will stand for many many years if left to do what it was initially created to do. Man can corrupt the tree and cut it down to make other things that it finds more desirable. That is he can sell it. But the one who allows the tree to grow will see the full potential. He/she will see the large trunk and branches full of limbs and leaves. Full of birds and flowers and working daily for a better tomorrow. The one who holds it will see it’s full potential and it’s daily purpose realized. 

Author: binkley
The Famous Founder of Stish crypto and Eric has worked on many projects over the last few years but none as aggressively as He is one man on a mission to revolutionize social media by integrating crypto currency and allow users to retain the value they bring to the network. Stish crypto is now traded on

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