Top health benefits of Green Tea. (Part 2)

Green tea has innumerous health benefits. There are many varieties of green tea in the world. More or less all the varieties have common benefits. These are as follows;


3. Curing of Flue and Constipation.

Constipation directly relates with the digestion of food in the stomach, therefore when food is easily digested then bowl movement regulated, ultimately constipation problem cured. If we use lemon in the green tea then the circle of flue completed very fast, therefore flue problem solved easily without antibiotics.

4. Controlling Obesity

It is helpful in regulating the metabolism, which results in controlling the obesity. Obesity is the mother of all the health problems, therefore if obesity is controlled then all the health problems solved. Use green tea without sugar for the controlling of the obesity. Green tea also normalize the BMI (body mass index).

5. Improving health of sexual organs for controlling Impotency

If we use green tea with honey, then it improves the health of sexual organs. Therefore it controls impotency.

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