Traffic From Venezuela Is Through The Roof Looking For Crypto

Cryptocurrency Is Changing The World And The Idea Of Monetary Exchange.

With Stish Being New There Is No Better Time Than Now To Get Involved In The Movement. This might be why people from Venezuela are looking for ways to hide their fiat from their government officials and why many are buying crypto currencies like Stish. With many buying Bitcoin and Ethereum so that they have a means of still buying goods and services as their currency collapses other nations have been able to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum to prop up their whole economy.

Not many people have thought about how fiat currencies are being forced upon people often for governments to take advantage of people without having anything backing the value other than the force of the government. When the people lose trust in government promises people lose confidence in the currency. This can happen and has happened to many world nations and their currencies. No government of currency is too big to fail when it is backed by nothing. Fiat is a latin world that basically means a currency circulating by force. As governments often issue un regulated amounts of currency with nothing backing it sometimes the value crashes leaving people starving with no way to provide for their families.


Whole nations which have these issues could actually switch to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stish, as a temporary or hybrid measure to continue government operations. Stish is able to be sent electronically much like fiat currency. It is unique as it cannot be created out of thin air. The white paper was clear in that only 10,100,000 Stish tokens can ever be created. Stish runs on the award winning Ethereum blockchain. Miners that do work for Ethereum also do the work To verify and process Stish transactions.

The best thing about Stish is that there is no one in your way to stop you from paying someone else with Stish. You can simply send Stish using your web browser and Meta Mask to anyones ERC20 Ethereum Wallet Address. These wallet addresses are like your bank account number and can be created with Meta Mask! This is what makes Stish so easy to use and adopt for payments. Anyone can add the support tools for the Ethereum Blockchain and have access to Stish from anywhere in the world.

Whether Stish or some other cryptocurrency people from many countries like Venezuela or other struggling economies can benefit from the adoption of digital currency. The governments and the people individually should look into adopting Stish or another cryptocurrency to help upright the ship. There is a lot of trust built into the cryptocurrency Stish. Even though it is new and primarily used as a digital currency there will be even more development in the future for version 2.0 the next generation of and Stish.

With over 2 billion people who do not have bank accounts and many do not in Valenzuela crypto currency just makes sense. Nigeria is a great example of people who have taken their own future into their hands with many getting involved into Bitcoin and some now getting a position in Stish. This article is not financial advice and you should seek the services of a competent professional. There are tons of uses of cryptocurrency that will change the world and Stish is just getting started working in partnership with and the social portal.

People can store their funds in Stish and make purchases between people from around the world. Stish is easy to purchase and get started using. Stish is can be purchased with debit or credit cards or Ethereum. Trade Your Stish On Radex Now!

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