Transgenders Not Lesbians


Lesbians are adamant that they are women attacted to women and transgenders are not considered to be lesbians.  They are insistent that biology makes a big difference and transgenders are not biologically considered women.  They are appealing to the LGBT coalition to drop the ‘L’.

The Lesbian Rights Alliance in the UK posted a letter directed towards Stonewall, an organization that campaigns for LGBT causes.

“Stonewall does not recognize or represent the many young women who reject conventional feminine stereotypes in appearance and sex roles, and who become lesbians at puberty.  Instead, you support the trans argument that many gender non-conforming lesbians must really be men, born with ‘male brains’ in the ‘wrong body.”

There argument has some validity in regards to transgenders being biologically male.  To extend this logic, why aren’t they also questioning being lesbians.  It would seem that the purpose of sex according to biology is for the propagation of the species.  If they are using biology to back their theory on why transgenders are not lesbians, why are they not questioning the validity of lesbianism.

This is not to condemn their lifestyle but it seems ludicrous for them to use biology to condemn transgenders but not their own lifestyle.

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