Trump Revokes White House Press Credentials Of The Spoof


The Spoof, the satirical news website that has consistently dragged the name and reputation of US President, Donald Trump, through the mud, has now suffered the same fate as CNN reporter, Jim Acosta, and had its White House press credentials revoked, with immediate effect.

The news will come as a major blow to spoofwriters such as Joseph K. Winter, the Spoof’s Trump correspondent, who enjoys nothing more than rising at dawn, and going to the White House to find out about the president’s latest antics, and then lambasting him for all he’s worth.

Now, Winter will have to use his own imagination, and invent news, instead.

Other writers are also affected. K.C. Bell, Ralph Shaffer, RFreed, Alan Nardett and Dave Henry have also been critical of Trump, and will no longer be welcome on Capitol Hill. Presumably, they’ll now just make crazy stuff up.

The Spoof’s owner, Mark Lowton, said:

“Of course, it’s a massive blow to us, but I’m sure we’ll cope. If anything, it proves we are asking the right questions.”

One man who was indifferent to the news, however, was Englishman, Moys Kenwood, who asked:


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