Trust in the Government

I just came across this article about the government reneging on a promise. Sounds like a campaign promise. The US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit sided with the state of Rhode Island in a decision regarding state pensions.

The town of Cranston having faced several years of critical budget shortfalls (note: this is not the only town facing shortfalls), the state legislature voted to unilaterally reduce public employees’ pension benefits. They voted that these reductions would be retroactive. Subsequently a number of municipal employee unions sued citing that the government of Rhode Island was contractually bound to pay the benefits.

The state government disagreed and took the stance that the legislature has the power to change the law, even retroactively, at their discretion. The First Circuit agreed and added that the government has no obligation to HONOR ITS PROMISES.

In conclusion, I wish to thank all voters whom casts their ballots based on the rhetoric spewed from many a politician. In their own words, they have no obligation to HONOR ITS PROMISES.

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This is so unethical. Governments and companies stealing from the hard working Americans should incite riots across the land.

10 months ago