United Airline Hypocrites

United made it well known that they are ending their alliance with the NRA by stopping discounts to NRA members. This in of itself is their prerogative and I am not criticizing them for their actions. It is any company’s right as it is with any individual, they have the right to their own opinions.

I understand that the issue of school shootings have gotten way out of hand and it needs to be addressed. I am critical of the proposed methods being touted. If guns were the problem, why don’t all the politicians whom advocate against gun ownership follow their own advice. Is it that they are actually of the belief that guns should only be owned by them and not the public? Why is it that they need protection such as secret service agents and why is it that the tax payer has to foot the bill? Why do law enforcement officers require guns if the public doesn’t have the same right?

Back to United, they dropped their support of the NRA but they are continuing their support of planned parenthood. This is again a hot potato issue. It had been addressed that planned parenthood allegedly is in the business of selling body parts. There has also been indications that they are connected with the nefarious child slave trade.

United has shown that they are willing to support such an organization but they distance themselves with gun owners. It is, in my opinion, an odd stance. But again it is their right to support whom they wish. It is also the public’s right to support which businesses they chose. Here’s how one person on twitter feels.

Source: dailywire.com

Hey @united, I’m an extremely loyal 1k customer. You’ve now severed ties w/ the NRA at the urging of an online mob, yet you maintain ties with Planned Parenthood, the most prolific ender of children’s lives in America, by far. Are you actively trying to chase away my business? https://twitter.com/united/status/967420501017747457 …

11:20 AM – Feb 24, 2018

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