Vacuum sealer by NutriChef

Vacuum Sealer By NutriChef

So far, my NutriChef Vacuum Sealer is AWESOME! My previous sealer was a much older basic FoodSaver that finally no longer sucked (BTW that’s a bad thing).
The NutriChef beats it in almost every way:
1. You can seal without vacuuming . . . my ears almost began to bleed with the FoodSaver when I had to make bags!
2. The unit “clicks” shut . . . My foodsaver had to be held down until the “hands Free” light came on.
2. Multiple options on vacuuming . . . gentle or standard, moist or normal. . . FoodSaver one.
4. Not as loud. I would not call it “quiet” but it is not house shaking either.
3. The best feature . . . It can pull a vacuum strong enough to crumple an empty soda can. Crushing cans is not super useful I know, but it IS Cool!

The only minor advantage my FoodSaver had over the NutriChef is that it had a removeable drip tray making it easy to clean out liquid that leaked during vacuuming. I believe their literature indicates this is a patented feature so…

To be fair, my FoodSaver was a very BASIC and quite OLD model. The new ones likely have improved. After my research here on Amazon and other places, I decided that this unit at this price point was just what I was looking for. I am very happy I chose it. However, if it flies apart into a hundred flaming pieces of shrapnel tomorrow, I WILL downgrade my review to 3 stars!! Fair warning.

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