village roads

Village Roads


        Village Roads


I travelThrough the village roads,

The curvy roads,

Where the yellow sun sets behind the clouds in the horizon so far,

And the mighty river flows through the forest, so dense.



Chilly winter breeze, I can feel, so intense,

The mind gets refreshed and the soul becomes pure,

My heart dances with joy in Nature’s company,

The cuckoo sings at a distance.



The village roads remind me of a friendship, long forgotten,

That I had made during childhood.

I see the trees, the birds, the paddy fields,

And the everflowing river.

Years have passed, but the beauty still remains.



Village roads bring me flashbacks of my bygone days,

Old friends, I do not see them anymore.

Memories of them, still very fresh.

Forever I shall keep them in my heart.



Nostalgic, I have become today,

As I travel through the village roads.

Familiar scenes bring tears to my eyes.

Life has changed,

Only fond memories live on.


I wrote these few lines keeping in mind my grandma’s village, old friends and the beautiful nature around us.

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