Wage Gap


This is a subject which has been talked about for at least a decade, it’s the wage gap between the 1%s and the rest of us. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) found that between 1979 and 2013 the percentage increase of the 1%s was 5 times larger than the middle 60% and 4 times larger than the bottom fifth. Since 2013, the divide has continued to grow.

A subject which hasn’t been broached by the MSM directly is that the prolonged wage differential leads to unrest. Indirectly, the MSM has been reporting the unrest but what they cite as the reason usually is attributed to other causes and the viewers are always directed to vent their anger at anything other than the root of the problem. One reason maybe that they are being paid handsomely for their efforts.

History provides many examples of uprisings caused by income disparities but most recent is the situation which has been fomenting in Venezuela. Another South American country which is on the verge of the same fate is Brazil. I just read an article yesterday citing that the citizens whom have the financial means are fleeing Brazil. The main reason for the flight has been attributed to the rising crime rate.

As mentioned above, the news media does not broach the root cause of the issue. In Brazil’s case, they make some mention of the failing economy but the main crux of the story points to the rising violence. One reading into the problem would likely ask what would cause the rate of crimes rise but what will probably be proposed is that Brazil needs more prisons and more law enforcement.

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