Wallet Erc 20 or Imtoken Wallet

Hi friends Steemthat.com friends there are some ERC 20 that is allowed, in short, among others Wallet IMToken. I also use this Wallet, I think is simple and practical, suitable for us active smartphone users. If the security problem is certainly fixed, I think if the security is not tested it is unlikely that PlayStor will allow it. That’s a simple logic from me. And here’s some evidence of tokens I’ve received on my MyToken Wallet.

This is proof I have received the STISH tokens…



The Imtoken Wallet is also part of the Ethereum ERC20 swallow
1. Download and install imtoken in playstore.
2. After successful install open its imtoken application.
3. Will appear Own Own Asset .. Click the right shift to the left.
4. Will appear Peer To Peer Transfer .. Click the right shift to the left.
5. Selected Next Generation DApss will appear. Click the right shift to the left.
6. Easy Easy Trade will appear .. click right slider to left.
7. Wellcome To New World will appear.
8. Click Enter Imtoken Will appear Imtoken Your First Digital Asset Wallet.

9. Click Create Wallet.
10. Fill in the Form:
– Wallet name = username
– Password = The contents of the password we want there are uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols.
– Repeat the password we created in Repeat Password.
– Password Hint (optional) = second password make 6 numbers we want.
Click Create Wallet.
12. New Wallet Created Succesfully.
13. After the immediate success of Go Back Up Now.
14. Back Up Mnemonic.
15. We are asked the contents of the first password that
We made it.
16. Will appear 12 syllables, immediately we note on paper in sequence or SS (Do not get lost).
17. Click Next ..
18. Enter or click 12 randomly sequential syllables into the provided box.
19. Confirm.
20. Confirm again to delete 12 mnemonic syllables.
21. Click SAVE on top left.
22. Wallet Addres our imtoken success and ready to use.
23. Click on our wallet address under the username we created.

Please Download here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.consenlabs.token. Read carefully.

About the author: curiesea

I am from Aceh, I love the community. I have two jobs, as a fishery entrepreneur and work in a commodity-based social NGO


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