Plummeting from the sky, In the fall; renewed
Cleansed of all the lies, this fall is all that’s true
I am the parting of the sky that grants you a view
I am love returned to the flower in bloom.
I am the drops in the garden manifested while you sleep
I am the promise in the sky that the iris can see
I am the river that fights its way onto the sea
When you are parched, you come back to me.
I am the clouds lined with gold and silver
I am the raging thunder of your river
I am the breeze that makes you quiver
I am nothing on my own, If not a giver.
I am the mirror reflecting the moon
I carry bottled messages “see you soon”
In your sorrow, I am the storm that looms
I am one with the heavens and one with you.
I am the rising of the tides
and the tears that fall from your eyes
I am the truth that remains in the parting of lies
I am your answered prayer descending from the skies.
I meet with the horizon seeking you evermore
I carry all your ships as they head back to the shore
I ebb and flow in the ocean; galore
I greet the sunrise with a kiss at its core.
I am your cleansing shower, the wet on your lips
I am falling gently between your hips
At the first light of morning, you are the one I kiss
I am the one you can’t help but miss.

Author: Appear_MIssing

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