We Must Ensure Data Recorded On Blockchain Is Useful

Samson Mow, Chief Strategy Officer of Blockstream, recently appeared on ‘Magical Crypto Friend’ to discuss several topics including miniscript and blockchain voting. As for blockchain voting, Mow was of the view that although blockchain voting has several advantages over traditional ones, it was just a ledger that records data. Mow said, “Blockchain is just recording stuff, if we put garbage in we would get garbage out.”
Mow was of the view that blockchain can help in bringing transparency, but if the voters and candidates were no good, simply putting things on blockchain won’t resolve the issue. Thus, we must first focus on ensuring that whatever data is going onto the ledger is useful.



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We need to ensure all blockchain is record. Yes it is all for our record too.
@peepso_user_791(steemthatnow) Indeed
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