Stish cryptocurrency

What Does A Cryptocurrency Alt Token Economy Actually Look Like?

The year is 2020 and many if not all of the worlds government backed fiat currencies have collapsed.

Paper money guaranteed by nothing other than a crooked government’s word is worthless. In the age of technology anti-brainwashing tactics are implemented and people around the world wake up. Being controlled no more by government backed phony baloney money but rather choosing real freedom and cryptocurrency also known as digital or alt currency, governments are forced to serve the people who now control the world’s wealth.

Stish cryptocurrency

Coins and tokens are traded among individuals without fees from banks or artificial manipulations. Without taxation people find they can afford to live comfortably in this new token economy. Governments are forced to pick multiple digital currency to adopt in order to operate as their national currencies have collapsed.

Honest tokens and currencies lead the way of this Utopian token economy. This might sound like a nghtmare to some and for those involved in many alt currencies it is a revolution of technology that restores freedom to the world.

What does a real token economy look like and how would it impact your day to day life?

For our discussion today we will make a few assumptions.  All cryptocurrencies are thus digital currencies but not all digital currencies are cryptocurrencies unless they adhere to cryptographic fundamentals. Paypal doesn’t meet the requirements of a cryptocurrency and some alt coins or alt tokens might not either.

Often people refer to bitcoin and ethereum as a cryptocurrency when describing their currency but we all know these are powerful distributed ledgers and blockchains that in theory are decentralized though we now know that decentralized forces tend to become more and more centralized over time.

For this article and discussion about what a token economy looks like in 2020 we will consider cryptocurrencies that have a distributed public ledger that use fundamental cryptographic rules for their blockchain and include both coins that have their own chain and tokens that run on the backs of sophisticated blockchains a part of this new global economy.

A New Hierarchy Evolves With Technology

Bitcoin being essentially the first blockchain based digital currency of the modern times with a strong user base and global reach peaks, as other crypo currency blockchains innovate and create real scale-ability. Out with the old, though not forgotten or obsoleted and in with some new immutable, decentralized, distributed ledgers than can handle thousands or translations per second. These types of currencies are required to really grow the whole underlying network of a token economy. Bitcoin or Litecoin might indeed simply be the storage point for grouped hash transactional data. With their value being adjusted to what they are, sears and kmart respectively.

How many people will get mad about the above statement and miss the teeth of this article? Not everyone will be able to swallow the truth and they will ride out the waves of change to their $10 per coin sell off.

Crypto currencies such as  EOS, Ethereum, Waves, and others will pierce and divide and unite a future of currencies. There will even be currencies and blockchain technology that will merger in such a way to form super chains. One of these super-exchanges is already starting to get established at  To see a superexchange ahead of superchain tech is pretty impressive. People have never seen a super chain before but I have. I have seen these super chains in 2020. Unstoppable are the super chains of the future.

The token economy is driven not by fear and desperation but by freedom. The amount of wealth that will be created for people from crypto and alt tokens is without a doubt the largest creation of wealth the world has ever seen. This wealth created by the token economy is literally shifted from the wealthiest and government elites to the masses in months not years. The people never knew they could all live this well until the token economy takes over.

People will earn their living not just buying and selling crypto currency. Trading currencies will be  a way to earn but will be a very small way to earn revenues. With several companies already creating digital cryptocurrency rewards platforms for doing work or tasks many people might simply make their living from various activities that can be monetized with cryptocurrency.

Getting existing social media platforms to reward members with crypto…This would be the winning combination for mass adoption. However most of these companies have balked at doing anything but building their own rewards based crypto currency if they go down this road at all. There are some adoption issues with regards to crypto currency and rewards abased interactions for social media. The company Stishit and https:/ have seen this first hand and are working on solutions to some of the adoption challenges.

Not everyone is technology savvy. They are familiar with credit cards and debit cards but often do not understand the terminology or technical jargon of blockchain heads. Stishit is working on ways to make the entry into cryptocurrencies even easier and also remove some of the un-needed jargon.  For instance just call a Private Active Key what it is….A Super Strong Password…

Why can’t I buy crypto directly from your website? Now you can on Stishit. You can buy the crypto currency Stish and you can also earn some of it by being an early adopter. Stish is way ahead of it’s time bringing traditional web based retail to cryptocurrency is sweet. Better than this is allow people to purchase Stish at angel pricing no matter what quantity they purchase. To help further distribute the currency, Stishit is offering rewards based content creation through blogging and micro blogging in a combination social portal that mimics the best of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram. Why not monetize content that you worked hard to create?

Think of the future crypto currency economy as alot of small, midside, and large cryptocurrencies being towns and communities. Each providing the needs of it’s members and creating community based micro economies that fuel a collective freedom revolution. This has never been done before because technology has never existed like it does today. All of the communities like Stishit will be able to trade their currencies on decentralized exchanges for store of value currencies. Eventually all of the smaller currencies grow and push values of the whole Crypto currency GDP up so high that people are begging employers to pay them in a crypro currency verses Government issued currency.

The future crypto currency token driven economy is going to restore the power and wealth to the people all around the world. It is truly special times that we live in.

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