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People are always offering to help by doing different things. This is fantastic and we truly are building something great together. Somethings we might not be as familiar with as we should be or could be. I’m more of a front end web builder and can take ideas and often make them happen. I’m not an expert writer or crypto currency Guru. I’m just like you in a lot of ways and learning new things everyday.

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Sometimes people in times pasts have offered their services which at the time we were just not ready for. Not many people were willing to accept Steem That Tokens as they could not see the big picture and vision. This is probably due to my ineffectiveness at writing and conveying the messages appropriately. I’m not an eloquent speaker either or I would attempt more videos where I could potentially show you where we are going better than trying to tell everyone.

Some of the concepts that we are implementing just simply have not been done in the way we are doing it. This doesn’t make me nervous at all, it actually makes me feel confident as we develop more and more features at faster rates doing a hybrid approach. Keeping the posts and the comments and the social media stuff off the blockchain makes sense for speed and bloat reduction. If something needs to be edited or update 2 months from now as things change quickly around here one can simply go back and edit their posts or add a link to their NEW POSTS! I Love Deep Linking… Guess what? The blockchain isn’t broken because you made an edit. That risk is not an issue with SteemThat.com

Some people are concerned about being somewhat centralized. We are doing this to help stabilize the value of the token and will be taking on some advisers in the near future who hopefully can give some added credibility to the platform. For 5 months now we have been cautious and upfront with regular announcements about what we are doing. There are a few members here with extensive knowledge about blockchains and we invite you to chat with us about your ideas and how much you would need to help implement them to the smart contract for added integrity.

We will be making a small update to the original contract to change the decimal formatting as did not validate this correctly. Not a huge deal it will allow for deeper fractional transactions in the future. We will not make any changes in such a way as to impact the Steemish token in a negative way. The Original ICO info will stay intact through this process. Our $1 USD Guarantee Is Real! We will either sell them at this price after the ICO or issue them via the rewards pool. At some point things will open up and we will grow.

If you are fairly well versed in press releases and cryptocurrency websites that will potentially write a post or article about Steemish and SteemThat.com please message me soon. http://www.newsbtc.com/contact/ I found this website and there are many many more that might talk about what we are doing if we issue a solid press release. If there are no takers I’ll try to have this done this weekend. We might end up doing a quick relaunch with more things in place and people on board. This will give people a few extra days on the Super Discounted Tokens!

Have a look at the white paper and the Steemish ICO page. I know it isn’t your traditional black with futuristic stuff but most everything you need to know is there. We are really just missing the Advisers and Those Who Will Be Providing Their Time And Energy To Develop and Market This Great Platform. When we have the full team together we can add a quick Bio and their picture and their profile links to here and or Steemit.com

Let us know how you might be willing or able to help and let’s figure out your role here at https://SteemThat.com and lets get the Team Finished. Now you can comment below and show your interest and the comments and a snippet of this post will be displayed in the community feed. Let’s make this post go Viral!


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