What you are involved in buying product containing Palm Oil

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I wrote an article this morning on steemit and I wanted to share it here with you..
I’m feel concerned by nature and healt … I’m feel concerned by what this sociaty want us to eat even if it’s not good for us and mostly by the consequences of all of this on mother earth and all the living beings…



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I’m passionate by the music, the photography, I love drawing and i’m happy to see finally the world is changing

The music … the first of my passions:

The only thing I can trust: it keeps me from thinking , empty my mind and heal my heart <3
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thanks.. yes for me it's important people know what they have in their plate..

10 months ago

I have been using coconut oil and I have stopped using canola. I still like olive oil. Keep posting, this is how I found out about coconut oil.

10 months ago

Yeah I agree coconut oil is a little miracle.. u can use it for everything <3

10 months ago