Where the words “Tea” and “Chai” came from?

In different regions of the globe people Usually use different words for tea but there are some amazing similarities in these words because almost all of these words are derived from only two origins. Why they call it these particular words? there are particular reasons & history behind these words. Some call it “tea” while others call it “cha” or “chai” & they have two groups & both have Chinese origin.
Recent studies show that tea’s origin was China. It is also believed that India or Taiwan or other neighbor areas can also be included in the first known areas where tea was produced in ancient times. Due to its bitter taste it was called “tu”, which was used for bitter vegetables. In 7th century this word was changed to “te” & in different Chinese dialects its translated as “cha”. There are China’s two languages where from the both words are derived, Sinitic & Min Nan. the both are varieties of languages, in Sinitic its called “cha” & in Min Nan its called “te”. If tea reached to us through sea than we call it “tea”, “tee”, “te” or “thee” other wise we would name it as”cha”, “chai” “chay” or “shay”. In Chinese coastal regions they call it “te” because they use Min Nan dialect. The Silk road is also being used for thousands of years to supply tea to other regions of the world & its supply centers are the Chinese areas where Sinitic dialect is used & they call it “cha”.




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