Who loves Bonsai?


Lonicera Nitida

Here’s a few photos of my beautiful little trees especially for #thursdaygreen
Bonsai is an ancient botanical art which I’ve been learning about this past year.


Dwarf Mountain Pine

Green is the colour of health and nature.
A green front door is always welcoming.
That fresh green vegetable on your plate is full of vitamins and minerals.


European Ash


And finally, this beautiful little birch!

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Thanks for your comments guys but could you please use English? these are outdoor bonsai they are expensive, I've been training these for a long time.

I am willing to sell one of my Bonsai to the highest bidder.

7 months ago


I like bonsai too, and I have few at home. I will share pictures sometime

7 months ago

They become almost childlike! I trim them, water and feed and wrap up warm in winter! I'm very attached to them but the time has come to let them move to a different house! I'm willing to shipbut in not sure how long it would take to get to you. How much Stish would you guys pay for such a beautiful bonsai?

7 months ago