Will Chisoras Hallelujah and Amen Really Hunt Down And Pound Whyte?

Dereck Chisora threaten to pound Whyte with his Hallelujah and Amen arms, pointing to either of his biceps in turn;

“…this is Hallelujah and this is Amen”, he said.

Saturday night, Dec 22, is the D-day, the much anticipated boxing bout rematch between 30 year old Brixton, Dillian Whyte and his British counterpart, 34 year old Finchley, Dereck Chisora, the bout is schedule to take place at the London O2 Arena.

Most of the pre-fight tirades have been pretty much done by Chisora, who (along with his fans) felt the last fight between him and Whyte should have been called in his favour;

“It does not matter what he’s done, remember what i said, he cant hurt me, he hasn’t got a powerful shot that bothers me. I am going to find this guy, hunt him down and beat him up”, he said.

Chisora also said, taking a dig at the judges; “we have to knock him out, we dont want to leave it to the judges, we are coming there with a knockout mentality, no points, nothing else…”

I am afraid Chisora is right on this one, seems the only way to win clean and avoid judges controversies in boxing these days is by/through a knockout.

In his responses to Chisora’s jibes, Whyte has been uncharacteristically subtle;

“what can i say? Good luck to his hunt and pound…”, Whyte says

“He (Chisora) can say what he wants…He says a lot of things and he does a lot of things, but its good that hes coming to hunt me down and hes coming to pound me and whatever”.

The grudge and bad blood between these 2 could be traced back to when Whyte was brought in as a sparring partner to Chisora who was the then British champion.

“I took an immediate dislike…” Whyte said.

“Dereck is just an arrogant, ignorant guy, now he says he is a born again Christian but lets see”, Whyte added.


L) Dillian Whyte, Dereck Chisora (R (getty image)

It was just about 2 years, Dec 10, 2016, that these 2 heavyweight met in a WBC Heavyweight Title Elimination fight at Manchester Arena, Manchester, England. It was Dillian Whyte who came out top with a close split decision over Dereck Chisora. Bout judges Howard John Foster and Michael Alexander scored in favour of Whyte 115-113, 115-114 respectively, while only judge Steve Gray scored 114-115 to Chisora. It was Chisora that dominated the early exchanges especially in rounds 2,3,5 where he had great moment and 8 where he almost floored Whyte, however, Chisora lacking stamina grew weary and allowed Whyte to gained control and ultimately won the bout.

So, going into Saturdays showdown, the big question is if Chisora have worked on his stamina? Chisora certainly thinks so;

“i am born-again, i have a new manager (David Haye) and a new training regime and i am just loving life”.

The winner of this bout stand a chance to challenge Anthony Joshua for his world titles at Wembley Stadium next year April.

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