Will The Real BernieSanders Please Stand Up!

Will The Real Berine Sanders Please Stand Up!

Oh wait, I see he is already standing… for his mugshot!

For the many that do not know, I was recently targeted by some not-so-nice people on Steemit. After being called out and flagged by the Bot “abusereports” for identifying what I suspected was something shady going on, it didn’t take me long to figure out the charade. A “charade” for those that use English as a second language here on Steemit is defined as “an absurd pretense intended to create a pleasant or respectable appearance.” In other words, a “hoax, farce, or masquarade.”

What I also learned is that all these accounts that were downvoting me – they are all the same person, aka berniesanders (there may even be more!). After being publicy called “retarded” and threatend on the Steemit.chat site (by Steemit Witness nextgencrypto, aslo aka berniesanders), I just resigned myself to the fact that bullies will be bullies (assholes) and until they get their ass kicked on the playground, the playground is not a very fun place to be. So I decided just to do what any winner does… pick up my earnings and go home.

He also threatened to “bury me so deep, nobody would see my posts.” In other words, his intent was to make my account worthless. He (they) might be able to prevent me from earning anything else here, but he cannot take away all that I have already earned. So I am in the process of powering down. This is definitely not the playground I want to be on now. Ithas become a stacked deck of cards favoring those with all the capital, and stringing along all the minnows to prop up the pool of money that they drain constantly. (Learn about Steemit inflation and how it is distributed.)

When you seemingly get flagged into oblivion and all your posts and comments become hidden, they really don’t become hidden, just less visible. Anyone can simply click on that “dimmed” comment to read it. And the funny thing is since all this has happened, I have actually gained about 18 new followers! I’ve also noticed that a few more folks have joined the fight against Flagging Abuse, which has become the new culture of Steemit. It didn’t start with me though, trust me. Sanders and company have been doing this for some time, it’s just that now it is beginning to affect Steemit’s reputation like a virus. You might ask… “Why don’t the other whales step in?” Ahh… and I say “Why would they want to screw around now and mess up their own income streams?”

aka berniesanders.png

One vocal supporter of Steemit even offered up all this information he found out about the real person behind the phony berniesanders:

Take your time, read it, and enlighten yourself. I say this guy has not gotten away from his criminal ways and maybe needs all the money he pilfers from Steemit to pay his legal fees. I’d also say he looks pretty good dressed in orange!

And to those who love Steemit for what it should be and not for what it has become, you should all take a stand against this scammy and abusive behavior… because if nobody does anything, there may not be much of a Steemit in the future to talk about. And as long as I still have some SP, I might as well stick around and get flagged some more.

Oh and by the way – FYI, the tags “Scams” and “Abuse” have both recently disappeared from the Steemit tag list! Coincidence?

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