With our harmonious Nature

With our harmonious Nature

The sea and the lush forest and its contents
This is ours which God entrusted to be preserved
Must agree that we keep on guarding it
Because with suberdaya we must be authoritative

The forest of life is very beautiful and wise
Here we embrace together
And the oceans are the forests o

With our harmonious Nature
I was on the west coast of Aceh at dusk. Take in the tranquil blue sea views

f our friendship
Do not face us
For the instinct of a wolf
Because of need and defense
Both are very meaningful

Do not be polluted by lust
Narrows down in an effort to get …
It can still be handled
But if the sea and the terumbukarang destroyed
Disposal of deadly waste disposal waste
Fish looted blindly
The mountain was empty
The forest was damaged where the fire
Large poho trees in the harvest are replaced with coconuts
All kinds of animals lose their place
They will surely berrefolusi
Chaos will happen everywhere
The peaceful comfort changes the scenery.

There must be a way with the deal to always be firm

“At sunset
A charming moon appeared
And a beautiful star
Beautiful light shines in the world
But the beautiful light was defeated by someone
Someone with a heart and a smile tie
One element with another element
Someone who carries sincere love
Someone who gives white love
Will human beings appreciate in the sense of gratitude
All forms of your creation ..
is it a dream
Man does not want to tie himself with balance ..
What is the hope of the full moon?
Do not get too high
Nature and animals want simple love only
We just want to follow it
This togetherness is forever ”

“We have agreed to start all this,
At a time deep in the womb
There we have kicked to take care of this world
But do not be as good as we end up unilaterally ..
We promise to fight for this togetherness,
But there are some greedy uptake without approval …
Although our sense of belonging is bound to each other.
Why do not we travel in God’s way
We still remember the promise of the deal
Why now we do not
Harmonious with nature and animals
Not saying anything .. ”
Is a simple word
which is a relief to the soul
Four regular mail
But widened the heart
It shines on our faces
Providing opportunity
to love nature
To grow back “-

About the author: curiesea

I am from Aceh, I love the community. I have two jobs, as a fishery entrepreneur and work in a commodity-based social NGO